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Drama - Completed 2017

    • Year of production
    • 2017
    • Genres
    • Drama, Comedy, TV Series
    • Countries
    • TAIWAN
    • Languages
    • Duration
    • 101 mn
    • Producer(s)
    • Chia-Yi LIN (T-Lang Cultural & Creative Entertainment Co., Ltd.)
    • Synopsis
    • As usual, the gods went to chat in the Heavenly Halls Co. Unlimited community after work, where they lamented that today's young people go to nightclubs when they feel good, go to hospitals when they feel bad, and never go to temples to worship. Right at that moment, the young Yu Pao-yu accidentally stumbled into the gods' chat group…
      Yu Pao-yu graduated from the foreign language department of a private university of technology in southern Taiwan. He has recently been working as a warehouse manager at a small, family-owned company, and takes home a meager salary of NT$22,000 per month. He has been physically weak and sickly since childhood, has "light"—unfavorable—eight birth characters used in divination, and sometimes sees wonderful visions when he touches clothing. One day, Mr. Guan—a member of his grandfather's friends' chat group—connected Yu Pao-yu with a very well-paying job. After hearing that the pay was good and he would be able to go to the Taipei, Yu agreed without hesitation.
      After going to the given address, Yu Pao-yu found that there wasn't a big temple, only a laundry shop called "Big Temple." The laundry shop owner—Tseng Ling—seemed clueless about Yu Pao-yu's arrival, and told Yu outright that there was no Mr. Guan, but Yu was unwilling to give up, and kept asking questions. At that time, someone came by to give Tseng Ling trouble, and just by chance, Tseng Ling decided to keep Yu Pao-yu on to work at Big Temple, and he worked there until he found Mr. Guan.
      When Yu Pao-yu began working at "Big Temple," he originally assumed that he would begin a much longed for period of city living. He and Tseng Ling somehow got involved in the undiscovered stories of the laundry shop's customers, and whenever Yu Pao-yu encountered any difficulties, the "Heavenly Halls Club" served as his consulting team.
      In the end, Yu Pao-yu finally realizes that his coming to the Big Temple had been arranged by these gods. Going to Taipei, finding the Big Temple, and meeting Tseng Ling—none of these events had happened by chance. Why was the Big Temple not a big temple, but a laundry shop instead? Tseng Ling's mother had given the Big Temple to her, but she still resentfully voiced her suspicions about this gift's intentions. In this story, a cell phone able to communicate with the gods changes Yu Pao-yu and Tseng Ling into bridges between the gods and humans in that realm between the tangible and intangible expresses concern for the problems faced by the people living in these times.