By Florencia IWABUTI, Samir MARUN HELO


First film - Pre-Production 2013

    • Year of production
    • 2013
    • Genres
    • First film, Drama
    • Countries
    • Languages
    • Director(s)
    • Florencia IWABUTI, Samir MARUN HELO
    • Writer(s)
    • Florencia IWABUTI, Samir MARUN HELO
    • Producer(s)
    • Florencia IWABUTI (Producción Aparte), María Emilia BRIDI, Samir MARUN HELO (Producción Aparte)
    • Synopsis
    • Tobias (40) and Alfonso (37) are two brothers living in Bogotá, Colombia. They have no relationship whatsoever. Tobias is a very lonely man who runs a little bookshop.!His days pass away while he is immersed!in two obsessions; changing the bulb on the lights of his street and taking the same picture, at the same time of the same mountain and lake. Alfonso is a respected and successful doctor, just like their father. He ́s married to Inés and has two small children. Tobias has turned his back on his family after a tragic accident in which he lost his wife and child. His brother and father couldn't be there for him and he never forgave them.
      The phone rings for the first time in ten years. Alfonso goes on a quest to find his in order to tell him that their father is sick and will probably die very soon. Tobias, who is not yet ready to face his family and to heal their wounds, decides to hide in his little cabin in the small rural town of Guatavita. Alfonso tries to locate and find his brother but fails numerous times.
      The lagoon in Guatavita is calm, and sun rays reflect in the water. Tobias comes across Samantha (28), a young Argentinian plastic artist who got stuck in Bogotá after a terrible break up with her boyfriend. ! She lives her life in a small studio “with no doors or windows” and rarely goes out. This first encounter won ́t be their last. They start meeting regularly and slowly get to know each other, getting closer and closer every time. Little by little their friendship grows and leads them to mutual understanding. Difficult situations and conversations oblige them to become more open, friendlier, and able to resolve their life-long loneliness.
      Alfonso is informed of his brother’s whereabouts and shows up unexpected at his cabin. However, Tobias wants nothing to do with Alfonso, his dying father or the rest of the family, and disappears once again. Samantha intensely looks for Tobias but cannot find him whatsoever. For the second time in her life she is abandoned by a dear person.
      A few days after the death of their father, Tobias reunites with his brother in order to scatter their father ́s ashes. He gets to meet Alfonso ́s family for the first time. Later, he meets up with Samantha once again and explains her not only why he left but also the reason behind his obsession for taking care of the street lights.
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