By Vitaly SUMIN


Thriller - Development 2021

The inspiring tale of a teenager who uses extra-terrestrial forces with the help of his personal computer to achieve the realization of his dreams.

    • Year of production
    • 2021
    • Genres
    • Thriller, Science-fiction, Action/Adventure
    • Countries
    • USA
    • Languages
    • Duration
    • 90 mn
    • Director(s)
    • Vitaly SUMIN
    • Writer(s)
    • Vitaly SUMIN
    • Producer(s)
    • Vitaly SUMIN (VM Productions-US), Ann BERGSTEDT (VM Productions-US)
    • Synopsis
    • ROBERT, 17, is completing his last year at high school. He’s not doing too well at school or in sports, and has issues with his parents about his grades.

      He loves ANNE, also 17, the most beautiful girl in the school, who sees nothing in him.

      MICHAEL, 50, Robert’s father, is an astrophysicist working in an science observatory where he uses a (SETI) radiotelescope, trying to contact extraterrestrials.

      MARJORIE, 38, Robert's mother, showed great promise as a talented pianist before her marriage. Robert's birth interrupted her career as she chose to devote herself solely to the family and the education of her boy.

      During a school lesson in audio-visual communication, Robert learns the basic law of image editing for advertising purposes. The professor explains how the association of two different images shown in succession must automatically lead to a third one in the viewer’s mind: an idea, a synthesis produced by desire.

      With this beginning principle, Robert devises a system in his room including a video camera, and the computer given to him by his father (previously used at the space lab). The boy downloads his picture into the camera and repeats the operation using a picture of a cover girl. Then he invents a game whereby pictures from a “How to Love” manual are introduced into the camera and animated on the screen.

      Everything is ready for Robert’s own piece of computerized editing: he substitutes the cover girl and himself for the manual’s models.

      An error in Michael’s radiotelescope listening system (the system designed to convey messages from outer space to
      earth) causes the message to be transmitted directly to Michael’s personal computer at home which is connected to Robert’s. An unexpected Red Spot appears on Robert’s screen, and keeps reappearing whenever the editing is in progress.

      Robert’s editing idea now moves into real life: he and the cover girl begin to kiss. But the girl vanishes as the father’s workday finishes and the listening system is turned off.

      Once he understands the principle, Robert takes some pictures of Anne and uses them “to kiss” her according to his program. He misses a lesson, as he wants to make the most of the game before the end of his father’s workday.

      The next day, Robert is informed by his friend, STEVEN, that Anne was in fact at the class he had missed. In reality she continues to behave in a perfectly ordinary fashion, still taunting Robert.

      After Robert's parents leave for a short vacation, the boy skips his classes. He spends the time exploring the possibilities of virtual reality generated by his computer. The boy invites Anne's double for a ride. They spend the rest of the evening in an upperclass nightclub, becoming more closer - intimate.

      Anne, however, is the girlfriend of ROBINGOOD, 27, the leader of a "socially oriented" local biker gang (“Brotherhood of Freedom”). When Robert gives Anne a ride back to her rundown neighborhood, the hoods grab and severely beat him.

      Helped by unknown forces communicated through the computer, Robert heals himself as soon as he gets home.

      The next morning Robert and Steven enjoy the company of numerous CELEBRITY LOOK-ALIKE DOUBLES from the past and present (presidents, scientists, movies stars), generated by the outerspace forces. In the middle of a lively conversation, Anne breaks in. She's outraged, calling Robert "a liar.” She angrily states she has never dated him and requires him to acknowledge this in the presence of Robingood and his gang who are waiting outside.

      Robert tries in vain to explain the situation. However, when Anne recognizes some celebrities in the room, she hesitates. After that, Robert succeeds -- aided by the outerspace forces -- to perform another "editing", combining Anne's double with the real Anne, and changes her completely.

      When the furious gang members burst into the house to get Anne, Robert and Steven videotape Robingood and scan his image into the computer. The instant "editing" transforms Robingood into a "positive person.” He apologizes for "the inconvenience" and wishes Anne "good luck" with her new boyfriend Robert. Before the gang leaves the house, Robingood orders his bewildered friends to ask Robert, Steven and Anne for their forgiveness.

      The next morning Robert and his friends learn from the newspapers that Robingood left the gang to become a monk. Moreover, the former gang leader appeals to his friends, urging them to "confess to the authorities and join him in his quest for God.” If they don’t agree to do it in the next few days, he will reveal everything to the police. Since the activities of the gang include drugs and cooperation with the international cartel, a lot is now at stake.

      The gang sees their last hope in Anne. Only she could persuade Robingood to return to "reality".” However it's not an easy task to kidnap her. She finds refuge in Robert's house which is constantly surveyed by the police and the media.

      As the siege of the house continues, Robert, Anne and Steven -- with the help of the extraterrestrial forces -- desperately attempt to change the world, making all the people on the earth “positive.” Something doesn't work.

      Unexpectedly, Robingood hangs himself and therefore ends the attack on Robert. The gang, the police and the media abandon the house.

      Anne seems to be falling in love with Robert. But when they are about to make love for the first time, she accidentally discovers photos showing Robert in different sexual positions with several celebrity look-alikes, including herself from photos Robert secretly took of her in a woman’s bathroom at the observatory. Anne demands an explanation; she’s appalled at Robert’s confession, leaves and returns to the gang.

      The gang breaks into Robert’s house, ties him and his sleeping parents up, and ransacks everything including the computers and video equipment, burning their house down.

      Robert and his parents are next seen in the hospital, covered in bandages. The trials they’ve experienced have bonded them in a loving way.

      Robert’s friends come to visit him, but he sends them away. Anne has left town. Robert explains the whole story to his father, who tries once again to unsuccessfully contact the E.T.’s.

      The day Robert and his parents are about to leave town, Robert meets Anne in the airport. She’s wearing a nun’s habit, but they discover that things may not be over between them.

      Robert and his parents fly away, his hopes remaining that somehow he will change the world.

    • Beginning of shooting
    • Feb 09, 2021
    • End of shooting
    • Mar 17, 2021