By Atıl İNAÇ


Drama - Completed 2014

In the hard-boiled world, where will the soft-shelled end up? A cozy kind of extermination is on the stage and keeping a low profile.
Circle is a peculiar story of an ordinary man caught between an untimely romance and brave new hostile world.

    • Year of production
    • 2014
    • Genres
    • Drama, Black comedy
    • Countries
    • TURKEY
    • Languages
    • Budget
    • 0.6 - 1 M$
    • Duration
    • 91 mn
    • Director(s)
    • Atıl İNAÇ
    • Writer(s)
    • Atıl İNAÇ
    • Producer(s)
    • Atıl İNAÇ (Lacivert Film), Derya TARIM (Lacivert Film), Tolga AVCİL (Lacivert Film)
    • Synopsis
    • In the hard-boiled world, where will the soft-shelled end up? A cozy kind of extermination is on the stage and keeping a low profile. The decadence around us is nothing less than clandestine annihilation of the civil man. Yet it is carried out so well with a grinning face, it is officially sold as transition.
      Now that the tamed indulgent is striped off social justice, welfare, even denied the tender love of concentration camps and slavery plantations of past centuries. At least hand them a round of rope… They have high expectations from taking things in their own hands.
      Circle is a peculiar story of an ordinary man caught between an untimely romance and brave new hostile world.
      Is it man who directs his destiny or is it destiny who directs man?
      “Daire”, to a large extent is a tragic-comic story of three people, which revolves around a brand new but unused airport.
      Feramus resigns from his post as a philosophy instructor at a university. Just as he starts to plan a visit to his home town and his old-aged father, he learns that his father has passed away. As Feramus hurriedly prepares for his journey to his home town, he is actually preparing for a journey back to his roots, in which he will be enlightened about why he has failed in life, and why he has always been an outcast and alien everywhere. Feramus will find out that he is actually deeply connected to his father, whom he always thought was a distant character, and to his father's solitary life and its ups and down, and eventually to his father's fate. Feramus now wants to sell a land bequeathed to him by his father and start a new and tranquil life with his estranged son . However, the land for some incomprehensible reason has been declared water zone by the municipality and made exempt from development. While the land is surrounded by buildings and new developments without any objection by the municipality, Feramus's extremely arid land has been declared water zone without any logical explanation, and made worthless. Feramus decides to take the municipality to court. He starts his endless runs across different deparments of the municipality, the court, and the town.
      Arif, a supervisor for the unused airport's apron, has been renowned for his “hanging from the neck” show, which he started in order to earn something when when he was pennyless and desperate. Feramus sees Arif for the first time on the day he arrives in the town, in a pub where Arif is doing his hanging show, on the rope, for his pub friends. Feramus does not know that he is going to be in a very close relationship, a partnership in destiny, with this odd gentleman who seems so far away from Feramus' own existence. Arif’s only wish is to earn enough money to complete the roof over his shanty house. After his work at the airport, Arif comes home and works hard with his son to complete the roof before winter sets in.
      Betül is a bourgeois woman, who happens to work in this small town's municipal theater, trying to eke out a living for her two children. Betül loses her job and urgently needs a new one to look after her younger son and her daughter who suffers from an undiagnosed illness. After a couple of unsuccessful attempts and being wearied and angry at everything, she sets out on a new career path, a job guaranteed course for Islamic preparation of corpses for burial.
      Feramus realizes that his endless runs frpm one town department to another and the resulting judicial picture will not take him anywhere but to a lengthy and complicated judicial processes. To financially cope with this, he asks for a job at the airport from his cousin who is the airport manager. In the meantime, he meets Betül and takes an interest in her. Feramus feels desperate to solve the land issue to help Betül with her daughter's worsening illness and the need for urgent medical intervention. In the meantime, an expert delegation from Ankara come to the airport to devise plans for the opening of the airport for service. Arif, determined to continue his job at the airport once its operational, shows great enthusiasm and does his best to serve the delegation. Feramus on the other hand gets help in judicial matters from Arif's father, who used to be an appeals writer at the court.
      Eventually Feramus agrees to sell the land to the manager of the town development department and gives authorization to a lawyer to complete the deal. However, the lawyer runs away with the payment for the land. Desperate for money, Feramus decides to do what Arif does at the pubs, the extraordinary “hanging yourself” show, virtually a form of suicide. This destructive attempt is to determine the invisibly and illogically connected fate of Feramus, Arif and Betül.