By Cristina GROSAN


Black comedy - Pre-Production 2016

— Eastern women meet their Western male clients online, in a sex chat studio where a male to female transgender is the one in charge. But when she falls for a client she meets online, she’d give anything to finally be acknowledged as a woman. Except the image the client sees on his screen is someone

& Awards

13th Transilvania International Film Festival 2014
TFFF award
    • Year of production
    • 2016
    • Genres
    • Black comedy, LGBT, Drama
    • Countries
    • Languages
    • Duration
    • 20 mn
    • Director(s)
    • Cristina GROSAN
    • Writer(s)
    • Anna GÁT, Cristina GROSAN
    • Synopsis
    • OPENING is set in an old apartment in downtown Budapest, the European capital of porn. The apartment is rebuilt to work as a sex chat studio and GABI (21), a transsexual on her way to physically becoming a woman, is the company’s favorite operator. She works in a tricky setup: she is paired up with IVETT (19), an attractive model wearing nothing but sexy lingerie, who, instructed by Gabi, poses in front of the camera. All the while, Gabi is the one typing and entertaining his Western clients, who think they are chatting and seeing only one person: charming MIRAGE – Gabi’s and Ivett’s online identity.

      When a charming German journalist (SEBASTIAN, 40) comes online looking to research the cybersex world, finds his way into Crystal_Mirage’s chat feed as one of her clients, things are bound to fall apart. Gabi is about to cross the red line, opening herself up and risking her job and expensive impending gender reassignment operation, for finally getting the chance to experience how it is to be noticed as a woman- even for a second, even from out far, through the coldness of a webcam.
    • Partners & financing
    • seeking financiers and in-kind support, we're preparing a crowd-funding campaign
      - developed through European Short Pitch 2014 upon consulting with Razvan Radulescu
      - finalist on the Robert Bosch / prize for international co-operation
      - winner of the TFFF fund of the 13th Transilvania International Film Festival
      - winner of the development support of the Filmjus Foundation, Hungary
    • Production schedule
    • pre-production // -2015 july
      shooting // 2015 august (4 days)
      post // 2015 sept-nov
      festival // aiming for Berlin
    • Beginning of shooting
    • Aug 25, 2015
    • End of shooting
    • Aug 28, 2015
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