By Ezequiel HILBERT


Documentary - Completed 2010

Buenos Aires, center of the symbolic identity of argentineans and scenario for the main events on 1810 revolution and 1910 controversial commemoration, is observed on 2010 by Clorindo Testa (argetniean famous architect and artist) and other personalities, looking for a present and future identity.

    • Year of production
    • 2010
    • Genres
    • Documentary
    • Countries
    • Languages
    • Duration
    • 71 mn
    • Director(s)
    • Ezequiel HILBERT
    • Writer(s)
    • Ezequiel HILBERT
    • Producer(s)
    • Ezequiel HILBERT (Estudio Vis), Valeria BISTAGNINO
    • Synopsis
    • An unassailable Buenos Aires city is portrayed and analyzed during the main celebration of the Argentinean independence bicentenary.
      Exploring the present of such a megalopolis requires a wide approach, that is why this film developed it´s own way to look at the city.
      Inspired on the concept of 'Parataxis' (The juxtaposition of clauses or phrases without the use of coordinating or subordinating conjunctions) this film is composed by the speech of six personalities, five docu-clips (short documentaries on issues regarding Buenos Aires social culture) and a panoptic silent witness who could differ with the speeches or release musical clips (powered by the Retiro Youngsters Orchestra).
      Main characters are highly instructed people, deeply bonded to the city.
      Francisco 'Pancho' Liernur is one of the most active minds on the architectural and urban academic community; after publishing several books and many more articles related to Argentinean and Buenos Aires urban evolution now he is the former director of the Architecture career at the Di Tella university. Energetic and passionated, his opinions are very accurate and contagious.
      Francisca Durao is a Portuguese architect, tango teacher an musical producer immigrated to Buenos Aires recently. She loves the city and it´s people but is also aware of the contradictions around the portenean identity. Her point of view is fresh and authentic, gathering immigrant condition with a deep love for the city and it´s culture.
      Clorindo Testa is the most famous Argentinean architect and a world known artist. His 87 years are full of Buenos Aires history. His words have the wisdom of simplicity and his concepts are always authentic.
      Alejandro Hartmann is a Filmmaker. His recent film 'AU3 (Autopista Central)' is focused on the conflict between accommodated people and their poor neighbors. He knows Buenos Aires by hand, and is specially interested on politics and identity.
      Rodolfo 'Rolo' Chiodini is what you could call an authentic Porteño. Grand son of Italian immigrants, he studied politics, worked for the presidency during Carlos Menem government and traveled the world. Now he likes to cook and works for the family company. He looks at the city from the inside, being part of it.
      Alicia Novick is a respected academic, specialized on urban history and very involved on recent and past urban management. She is sharp and critic towards the present of the city, sharing this point of view with Liernur.
      Five directors have chosen their three minutes story from a list of the main aspects of Buenos Aires identity. Each one worked on a different and personal way, widening the film´s ability to express difference and diversity.
      Statues (Noelia Mori, Belén Funes). Based on a beautiful photography this could be the most conventional and sensitive clip. It´s subject are the statues made for Argentinean centenary, their actual condition and bond with the neighbors.
      Immigrants (Jonathan Ortegat, Juliana Marín) This short film establish parallel stories between the last century European immigration and the recent international and regional one.
      Prefacio (Hernán Khourián) The respected visual artist and professor choose to portrait people and places with an 8mm film camera, creating an interesting and strange atmosphere where faces, silence and the old walls of La Boca invite us to think about diversity and give us a breath on the accelerated rhythm o the film.
      Normal (Juan Barney) Field for an accurate and emotional point of view Barneys docu-clips has Hugo López as main protagonist. He is a former mental patient from Borda Hospital, now very active on the 'Colifata' radio and other issues regarding mental illness culture. His words are deep in sense and extremely lucid, showing us how crazy is the way people lives on big cities.
      Fósil (Sebastián 'Chino' Martínez) The director of 'Centro,' an experimental film based on Buenos Aires downtown daily life, surprise us with this story about Buenos Aires archaeological history crossed with a child´s oniric experience with dinosaurs.
      The evolution of the film is, in spite of it´s fragmented structure, very cohesive and fluid, going through different stages and moods, reaching it´s early climax with a hard critic towards the bicentenary celebration from it´s protagonists. The last third of the film has a melancholic cadence, but there is the expectation of a favorable outcome when we see a joyful multitude jumping at the end of the celebration.
    • Beginning of shooting
    • May 01, 2010
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