Action/Adventure - Development 2010

Danny Flynn is a ruthless, violent and corrupt policeman, in a decaying modern city that has all but given up hope. When he is infected by a group of vampires he embarks on a brutal journey of revenge and redemption, and for the first time in decades is forced to do the right thing.

    • Year of production
    • 2010
    • Genres
    • Action/Adventure, Horror
    • Countries
    • Budget
    • 10 - 25 M$
    • Director(s)
    • Steve BARKER
    • Writer(s)
    • Marcus HARBEN, Steve BARKER
    • Producer(s)
    • Arabella PAGE-CROFT (Black Camel Pictures), Kieran PARKER (Black Camel Pictures)
    • Synopsis
    • In a city that has given up hope, a man like Danny Flynn can thrive. Ruthless, brutal and utterly corrupt, for over twenty years he has lived in the grey area between right and wrong and is exactly the kind of policeman this city deserves.
      But Danny isn’t inherently evil, from the lowest petty thief all the way up to the highest politician, everybody here is looking for their cut. Corruption is simply a way of life in this broken, decadent and decaying metropolis and Danny is just its muscle. On the streets he is feared and untouchable, and to those above him he is a useful device; an implement for making problems disappear. Like a shark, he has to keep moving, because if he were to ever stop, he would have to acknowledge every bad thing he has ever done, and that might just kill him.
      When a new gang arrive in town intent on taking over the trade in prostitution, drugs and people trafficking it barely causes a ripple in the city’s underbelly, it’s just another opportunity for Danny and his partner Morrison to get paid. It’s business as usual.
      But, times are changing...
      The new gang are led by the pitiless Christo, who bows to no one, and it soon becomes clear that the rules of the game no longer apply. When Danny and Morrison arrive to explain how their city works, Christo instead lays down the new rules, and when they refuse to play, Christo guns Morrison down. Enraged, Danny fights back hard with brutal strength and skill but is somehow no match for his much smaller opponents, who simply toy with him whilst beating him to a bloody pulp.
      As they move in for the kill, Christo, intrigued by the determination of their opponent, calls them off. He moves towards the prone policeman, reaches over and takes a horrific bite out of his neck, and each member of his gang spits into the wound; Danny screams in pain before slipping into unconsciousness.
      When he wakes everything is different, he’s changed, Christo has infected him with their disease, and he thirsts for innocent blood. Danny has become one of them, something terrible...and vampire is just one of the names they have for it.
      Detoxing like a junkie, Danny struggles with the terrible pains that grip his body as it tries to fight the infection, whilst Morgan, one of Christo’s henchman, stands over him goading and guiding him through the massive changes that he’s going through.
      “People like us were inevitable in the world you’ve helped create Danny. We’re that final nail in the coffin of a city that’s been dead inside for a long time now. This way you get to finish what you started, because nobody can stand up to us, and nobody can stop us.”
      Danny is locked away with Natalya, a young immigrant girl supplied to feed his bloody addiction, and just as he’s about to succumb to his new urges, something in him clicks. The look she gives him stops him in his tracks and makes everything clear to him: he's been on the wrong side too long and now it's time to start making amends.
      Danny’s body might be changing, but there’s something in Danny that will never change, his whole life he’s been a fighter and he’s not about to stop now. Drawing on all the new-found strength the disease has imbued in him he begins to fight back, breaking both himself and Natalya out of Christo’s lair, brutally dispatching Morgan in the process. But with his refusal to drink innocent blood, he’s on borrowed time - time he’s going to use to bring Christo down, and get some payback.
      As night falls over the city, Danny steps into it reborn. For the first time in decades, possibly in his whole life, Officer Flynn has purpose, dignity and integrity. He’s going to do the right thing. Except it’s not going to be so easy, Christo and his men have operated for decades, without anyone suspecting where, who or what they are. They’re greatest achievement is that no-one suspects they even exist. They are the boogieman, monsters in movies. And if the clues he is starting to pick up on are correct then it is not an accident that they are here, in this city, at this time.
      Danny soon discovers that Christo’s gang are connected, all the way through the city’s old-school crime syndicates right up into the Mayor’s office. And Danny, little more than a street thug, is going to have to adapt if he's to tear down the corridors of power, and stop Christo. But with something to fight for and little to lose, Danny fancies his chances; after all vengeance is in the blood.
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