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Drama - Completed 2007

    • Year of production
    • 2007
    • Genres
    • Drama
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    • It's a very important trip for Ibro (45) and his only son Armin (14). Coming from a small town in Bosnia, the father takes his son to a film audition in Zagreb. Armin hopes to take part in a German production about the war in Bosnia. Ibro wants to offer him a chance to fulfil his dream. On their way to achieving that goal, Ibro shows off with his son's talents. Armin is, of course, very embarrassed by this. Their goal of Armin's movie carrier seems so close, but the first disappointment comes when the old Bosnian bus breaks down. They arrive too late for the audition. the father convinces the producers to give Armin a second chance. They get closer to their aim, but are driven further back because they are not up to it. The director is not especially interested in Armin's talents, and besides that, Armin is too old for the role of the boy.
      Armin becomes more and more disappointed, withdrawing into himself, becoming more introvert, while the father develops great energy fighting for his son's carrier. Finally they get their chance but under the pressure Armin has an epileptic fit. Feeling guilty, Ibro desperately tries to prove they are not losers. But nobody wants to listen to him again. Armin is upset, his dream is over. Close to leave, there is an unexpected offer from the film crew, but at least when the father refuses, finally Armin realises how much his father loves him.
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