By Yashira JORDAN


First film - Completed 2014

DURAZNO will be told like a road movie chronicling a journey from Argentina to Bolivia. It is a journey made up of two searches: Ezequiel travels to find his father and himself along the way; Nahuel travels to stop being Nahuel, to become another person, Ezequiel, a character.

& Awards

Ventana Sur 2015
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    • Year of production
    • 2014
    • Genres
    • First film, Road movie, Documentary
    • Countries
    • Languages
    • Budget
    • 0 - 0.3 M$
    • Duration
    • 86 mn
    • Director(s)
    • Yashira JORDAN
    • Writer(s)
    • Yashira JORDAN, Jose Angel ESTEBAN
    • Producer(s)
    • Gabriel PASTORE (Carrousel Films), Fernanda PEÑARRIETA, Yashira JORDAN (Arbol Cine), Mariana GUTTIEREZ (Arbol Cine), Setsuko HIGA (ASSOCIATE PRODUCER) (Action Inc)
    • Synopsis
    • How biographies are charted? How do we construct
      our identity? Can we relive our past,
      reinvent it, rearrange or recycle it? Can we
      really know who we are if we ignore where do
      we come from?
      Up to now, EZEQUIEL KRUGER—the character—
      lives unaware of which of the five fathers
      he has had is his biological one.
      Up to this same day, NAHUEL PÉREZ BISCAYART—
      the actor – wonders which the ultimate
      truth is within the nature of the character he
      Ezequiel and Nahuel, the character and the
      actor, will intersect their trips and lives driven
      by the search of the real origin, memories,
      dreams, nightmares and raw material from
      which biographies are made.
      DURAZNO is the story of such inquiry: a documentary
      film about the constructed truth and
      the necessity to know our roots.
      At the age of 25, EZEQUIEL is a fragmented
      person with five borrowed fathers and an
      untruthful ID. At his four months of life he
      is abandoned by Mrs. Rojo, a tango dancer.
      He is raised in the countryside by RAQUEL, a
      pensioner’s nurse who sleeps only 3 hours a
      day and who is not retired yet. When he is
      eight years old, his adoptive father dies in a
      suspicious car accident apparently plotted by
      other people; and EZEQUIEL leaves school to
      survive. He works at a slaughterhouse, at a
      tire shop in the middle of nowhere, as a snailkeeper
      and as a waiter in innumerable restaurants.
      Each step is a step towards becoming
      a violent and cold person, running away from
      everything including himself.
      At the age of 22 he meets BOLIVIA, an deep
      rooted woman. He falls in love with her land,
      he settles down and finds out he needs to
      grow up and find out the truth.
      In order to find answers to all his questions,
      EZEQUIEL will undertake a hitchhiking journey
      which will lead him back to his childhood and
      adolescence aiming at finding his father and
      reconstructing his identity. He will travel with
      NAHUEL PÉREZ BISCAYART, an Argentinian
      actor, who will be willing to discover the characters
      and places of the protagonist’s past
      and thus rebuild Ezequiel’s dreams, memories,
      nightmares and the most intense moments he
      needs to relive so as to soften his past.
      DURAZNO documents this investigation and
      combines both vicissitudes of the character
      and the actor so as to make a movie about
      the real nature of
    • Partners & financing
    • 1. Bolivia Lab: At Bolivia Lab, a film workshop in 2011, Durazno was awarded two prizes, each valuing $1,000
      2. Crowdfunding: With the help of several Crowdfunding campaigns we successfully raised over $20,000 from around 1,000 supporters from all over the world.
      3. Action Inc.: Sales Agent, associate producer (Japan) Tokyo Premiere.
      4. Sponsors: Limbico Films (Production company) from Bolivar City Argentina. Bolivar, Mercedes and Santa Fé City Council from Argentina. Cochabamba, Bolivia City Council giving Lodging, food and transportation for shooting.
    • Production schedule
    • Timeline:
      November-December-January 2012: Final Shooting + Offline editing
      February -March 2013: Post-production (imagery & sound)
      April 2013: Final cut
      June: Premiere.
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