Science-fiction - Development 2017

A futuristic action thriller set in an authoritarian city-state controlled by a vicious secret committee. The city is called Angosta.

    • Year of production
    • 2017
    • Genres
    • Science-fiction, Thriller, Crime
    • Countries
    • Languages
    • Budget
    • 3 - 5 M$
    • Duration
    • 110 mn
    • Writer(s)
    • Producer(s)
    • Diana CAMARGO (LABERINTO PRODUCCIONES), Carlos PERALTA-CACERES (Punto de Ataque), Mauricio BEJARANO (Dos Monkeys), Dominique SEGUIN (Paprika)
    • Synopsis
    • Angosta, an imaginary dystopian city somewhere in Latin America, is chaotic, unequal and socially unjust. Its micro-climates change in wild ways. Its technology is RETRO. Angosta is a place trapped between its recent past and a future that might never be.

      Decades ago, its leaders and powers-that-be imposed an Apartheid regime dividing the city - by law - into three Sektors: a district for the rich or Cold zone (Sektor F); a middle class region or Temperate district (Sektor T); and the misery zone, the Hot land (Sektor C). The only condition to live in the Cold Sektor is to have at least one million dollars in a bank account. An endless fortified wall surrounds and “protects” Sektor F, isolating it from the rest of the city. Angosta is controlled by The Council of the Seven, made up of seven representatives from the city’s traditional political and economic powers. They decide who gets to live and who gets to “disappear” in Angosta.

      Three citizens, who have never met, live in Angosta: Jacobo Lince (45) – a bookseller from Sektor T, bohemian and sexy womanizer who hides his ties to the Cold Sektor. Candela (19) - brash and energetic woman, always speaks her mind and has red hair like fire. She lives in the inferno of the Hot Sektor; and Andrés Zuleta (25) – an innocent young man, aspiring poet, originally from Sektor T. He manages to get a job in Sektor F working for a major human rights NGO, the Humane Foundation.

      One night, Lince’s adventurous spirit leads him to leave his bookstore and seek out the warehouse of a Chinese book-collector down in Sektor C. Lince quickly gets lost in the maze of dark alleys and dangerous streets of C. Confronted by armed gang members who are about to make him yet another murder statistic, he is miraculously saved by Candela. Grateful, and also because of desire (and perhaps a nascent love he will not allow himself to feel), Lince invites Candela to live up in Sektor T, at The Grand Comedy Hotel, a place of informal exile for eccentric characters from all sektors, where he also resides. Once there, she meets the young Andrés Zuleta, who has just moved to the hotel, thanks to his new job at the Humane Foundation.

      But just as the seeds of a first love start to blossom between Candela and Zuleta, the latter decides to investigate and expose the “forced disappearances” ordered by the Council of the Seven. Zuleta’s destiny will be determined by two opposing forces: the love, hope and pleasure Candela embodies; and the importance of capturing on camera the painful evidence of the atrocious acts executed by the Council’s mercenaries.

      The collision between the criminal investigation and the passionate desires of Zuleta, Candela and Lince, will forever fracture their lives. Lovers, friends, and rivals, they will configure – without knowing – a love triangle that will have to confront the mortal traps and the selfish interests of Angosta’s savage elites.
    • Partners & financing
    • Laberinto - Colombia
      Paprika - Canada
      Dos Monkeys - Colombia
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