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Production Company


Founded in 2003, by Tamer Morsi , Synergy has steadily grown into one of the biggest companies in the media and production industry in the Middle East. Started as a leading advertising company, namely “Synergy Advertising”, over the past years the company has been a key partner in crafting many successful brands by providing holistic and effective media solutions. Synergy's growing business lead to the foundation of a cluster of 6 companies to cover the main fields of media, production and communication. Our TV production company "Synergy Productions", realized 12 productions in 2017 alone and, over the previous years, it produced more than 30 series, 6 of which starring the great comedian Adel Emam. Beside TV drama production, over 15 years Synergy cluster has gathered a great amount of expertise in production for television, including also TV programs, ads and music video-clips. Synergy boasts a history of more than 120 TV ads for local and international brands and 60 music video