Serie - Production 2020

    • Año de producción
    • 2020
    • Géneros
    • Serie, Documental, Social issues
    • Paises
    • CHILE
    • Sinopsis
    • Ainara (33) feels a great dissatisfaction even though she considers having everything to be happy. In every day of her life, she observes and reflects, deciding to start a journey, seven countries, a human kaleidoscope of stories and life’ alternatives of people who have found a genuine lifestyle, changing her perception about the world: the lives of an old intellectual and poet turned into a peasant in Colombia, an adoptive mother of dozens of children in Costa Rica, two revolutionary rappers in Ecuador. In addition to an indigenous leader in Argentina, an eccentric clown in Chile along with a Garifuna fisherman in Belize and a “New Era” community in Brazil will be the protagonists in a search through Latin America that will inspire her to make real her own happiness, her own life path.