By Harry Bromley DAVENPORT


Horror - Pre-Production 2018

Aliens rampage during the Big One- a deadly earthquake in California

    • Year of production
    • 2018
    • Genres
    • Horror, Science-fiction
    • Countries
    • USA
    • Languages
    • Budget
    • 1 - 3 M$
    • Duration
    • 90 mn
    • Director(s)
    • Harry Bromley DAVENPORT
    • Writer(s)
    • Ken SEGALL
    • Producer(s)
    • Synopsis
    • Eight Years Ago. Not far from where the desert begins at the eastern edge of sprawling Los Angeles... a willful, stormy 9-year-old named Jodie bursts out the front door of her house after an argument with her parents. She’s running away, the way kids do, but Jodie only gets as far as a nearby patch of barren scrub where strange flickerings stop her in her tracks. Jodie is abducted... and worse... by aliens aboard a darkly menacing spaceship that’s been hidden for eons beneath the shifting sands.

      Present Day. Jodie’s seventeen and lovely, but just as feisty and self-absorbed and manipulative as when she was little. At school, Jodie’s holding court with her handsome admirer Jack and her good-hearted best friend Marisa when a huge earthquake rocks Greater L.A.

      As the city goes into emergency lockdown and chaos rules the streets... Jodie, Jack, Marisa and their buddy Mike set out for a shopping mall where the four have arranged to meet their parents in case of emergency. Most of the city’s population has fled and many of those who remain are lowlifes – vandals, bikers, rapists & muggers looking to loot, shoot and raise hell amidst the regular folks who weren’t able to make it out of town. So, for the teenagers, it’s a journey through quake-stricken, bedlam-ridden Los Angeles to find their families.

      What nobody suspects is that this earthquake was not caused by tectonic forces, but by the alien craft that Jodie encountered when she was a child. It’s been reactivated and ordered to complete its mission. Part of that mission is to finish programming Jodie’s life-force while drawing her to the ship so it can return to its home world with its hand-picked captive human cargo.

      Rushing through the rubble to meet and care for their kids, the concerned parents include a nature-activist mom who liberates a wild animal from a zoo, thinking she’s doing the right thing, until it reverts to its feral nature in the teeming streets. A single dad who’s so concerned with uploading his every exploit to his YouTube channel that he ignores crucial warning signs and pays the price. And a blind couple who come to believe, as things go from grisly to worse, that perhaps they’re the lucky ones.

      Clearing the path for Jodie to get where they want her to go, the alien intruders deploy an advance force of cybertronic Probes. They seem to just appear, floating at eye level, organic and mechanical, surveilling the situation and the players at hand before deciding whether or not to churn the living tissue of a potential hindrance into the sort of grotesquery that could only spring from a twisted otherworldly mentality. The characters never know who these Probes will consider an enemy or what they’ll do about it. And things gets worse.

      As the teenagers move along, Jodie is changing... or rather being changed... by forces beyond her control. She’s increasingly entranced and empowered by her alien controllers under the direction of The Programmer – a dim entity we glimpse at the helm of the alien craft, guiding Probes and people on the ground. But when Jodie finally becomes unmanageably strange... and her friends realize she’s leading them away from the designated meeting place... the kids revolt, violently. It’s life-and-death for Jodie until... The Programmer arrives in person, to protect Jodie, its ‘investment’.

      In spite of its unearthly powers and singleminded ferocity, The Programmer is ambushed and slaughtered by Mike, who thinks he’s saving Jodie and the others. But out of The Programmer’s corpse emerges a new threat: an army of ravenous alien Parasites – scuttling crustaceans the size of bulldogs. What they do to people who get in their way is, unlike the Probes, never a surprise. They burrow into the victim’s body, gnawing the skull to splinters from within before they emerge, ready for more.

      As this new terror runs riot in the city, an ancient Indian sacred site in the near desert begins to shudder with what feels like a major aftershock. The tremors open a fracture, revealing ancient & elaborate rock art depicting what could be a spaceship hitting the ground and exploding. As the earth buckles wildly, rays of light stab-out from fissures rent in the arid terrain. Then, a terrifying sound as the spacecraft emerges from its underground hiding place. An entry hatch opens and, right on time, Jodie... now fully-entranced... enters the craft.

      In the spaceship, The Programmer, now reconstituted, examines Jodie, the prize he’s waited a billion years to claim. Her eyes are nasty pinpoints of light – she’s not human anymore. The Programmer walks around her, inspecting the specimen. When he completes his circuit, leans in and looks into Jodie’s eyes... she brazenly bites his face off. Then Jodie stalks-away to deal with the Probes and Parasites who remain onboard.

      With The Programmer out of commission and the mesmerized, fully-empowered Jodie on a murderous mission... the spacecraft quavers in mid-air. It looks about to change course for a moment. Then the ship detonates so completely, not a neutron remains, leaving the city at the mercy of homicidal Drones and Parasites which have no leader and no direction, only their gruesome instincts to guide them.

    • Partners & financing
    • TBC
    • Production schedule
    • Delivery April 2020
    • Beginning of shooting
    • Sep 10, 2019
    • End of shooting
    • Oct 20, 2019
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