Drama - Development 2016

A young Edwardian high society beauty turns her back on a world of wealth and privilege to embark upon a dangerous voyage of discovery, traveling across uncharted East Africa to mark the grave of the man she loved and lost.

    • Year of production
    • 2016
    • Genres
    • Drama
    • Countries
    • Languages
    • Budget
    • 10 - 25 M$
    • Duration
    • 130 mn
    • Writer(s)
    • Hugh MACLEOD
    • Producer(s)
    • Hugh MACLEOD (Morphe Films)
    • Synopsis
    • Based on the book by Joan Alexander, Whom the God's Love is a love story in its purest form between two people who are brought together for a passionate moment in time and then separated by a cruel destiny.
      Several months after returning from his widely publicised expedition from the Niger to the Nile in 1907, the famous British explorer and ornithologist, Boyd Alexander, is invited to a New Year's eve party organised by the Prime Minister, Herbert Asquith. There he meets Olive Macleod, a beautiful Edwardian high society beauty. Despite Boyd's insecurity in the company of women, Olive makes him feel comfortable in hers. Though they do not have much in common, Boyd realises that Olive could be the love of his life. After two months of tentative courtship, he proposes to her and is taken aback by her reaction. Even though Olive's father approves the match, she is fiercely independent and refuses on the grounds that they hardly know each other. Undeterred by obstacles of any kind, Boyd decides to play the waiting game. Two months later, Olive finally overcomes her hesitancy and agrees to marry him, but it is too late. Boyd has already secretly committed himself to a second expedition which the government is funding. Unable to extricate himself, he leaves for Africa.
      Two years later, Boyd goes missing. He was last seen by Jose, his Portugese manservant, negotiating with Furian tribal leaders. When rumours of his disappearance and possible death reach England, Olive refuses to believe them and continues to write passionate love letters to him. Consumed with guilt at having let Boyd return to Africa, she decides to go to Nigeria on a journey which will change her life forever. Defying her family's refusal to allow her to go, Olive goes on to become the first white woman to explore the dark interior of Nigeria.
      On arrival in San Tome, Olive's journey is delayed by Charles Temple, a misogynistic governor who refuses to allow her to proceed to Lake Chad. Olive ignores this order and sets off without an escort. After months of travelling through dangerous territory where native people have never seen a white woman before, she is almost taken hostage by the Furians who murdered Boyd. She manages to escape by letting down her long blond hair which stuns the Furians into believing she is a Goddess. She keeps a journal of her fourteen month journey and records the terrible moment when Jose leads her to Boyd's grave. Some years after returning to England, Olive is contacted by Charles Temple, who is in London on leave. He has a package of Boyd’s personal effects which he wants to deliver to her. Their next meeting seals an unlikely match and they return to Nigeria together.
      In Whom the Gods Love, there are two journeys of discovery, one of the explorer extending the frontiers of science and one of the lover searching for the lost remains of what could have been. The story is set against a background of colonial intrigue with France, England and Germany all vying to establish their spheres of influence over the lucrative West African trade.
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    • TBA
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