Drama - Development 2022

When two flight-obsessed brothers defy their family in India to fly Spitfires in the war against Hitler, their lives are changed forever by tragedy and love.

    • Year of production
    • 2022
    • Genres
    • Drama, Historical, Romance
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    • Synopsis
    • The untold story of the Indian Spitfire pilots who fought in the RAF against the Nazis.
      Autumn 1940. Although the RAF has won the Battle of Britain, it has lost many hundreds of pilots. The call goes out to young men from across the Empire...
      Among those who answer are two flight-obsessed brothers from Lahore - Rama, responsible and mature for his age, and the younger, headstrong Bhaskar. Both have defied their family in volunteering. The colour bar has only recently been abolished in the British armed forces, and initially they find themselves unwelcome in some parts. But in the RAF the brothers, along with pilots from many other nations, are welcomed and valued.
      Rama has sworn to bring Bhaskar safely home to his fiancée – a difficult promise to keep when Bhaskar insists on flying as recklessly as possible. While many of their fellow Spitfire pilots lose their lives in the intense dogfights against overwhelming enemy numbers, the Indian duo become aces – notching up kill after kill.
      When Rama is badly wounded, a quick-thinking Radio Controller, Kate, guides him home. This sparks an on-off romance, with Rama agonising over their racial difference.
      When Bhaskar learns his fiancée has married another man, he becomes an even more ferocious killing machine - but gets shot down. Now alone, Rama rises to Squadron Leader. Just before being posted to France after D-Day, he rekindles his romance with Kate – but the circumstances of war pull them apart again. They promise to meet on the day peace breaks out... But a short time before V.E. Day, Bhaskar’s crashed Spitfire is found. While Kate waits in vain for Rama, he is actually returning his brother’s body to India.
      With the War over, Rama ponders his future in a changing India – and decides to return to England and find Kate.