Animation - Completed 1997

    • Year of production
    • 1997
    • Genres
    • Animation, Children's, Family
    • Countries
    • Languages
    • Duration
    • 130 mn
    • Synopsis
    • 1 Urpo & Turpo's Treasure Hunt
      The Girl and the Boy are jealous when they hear Mother calling the Baby her treasure. Urpo and Turpo are reading Treasure Island and decide to go treasure hunting themselves on Piglety Island. Turpo appoints himself Captain Crook and Urpo becomes his crew. Urpo and Turpo, the fearless pirates, take a Weenyputian doll hostage and sail away. When the shipload of hostile creatures gives chase, Urpo and Turpo are forced to change course and sail to the calmer waters of the kitchen. The dough left by mother on the table is nothing less than a treasure they have been seeking.
      2 Urpo & Turpo Get Ill
      The girl and a the boy, struck down with chicken-pox, are tucked-up in bed reading Robin Hood and Beauty and the Beast. Urpo and Turpo are bored just lying there with the children. Bears leap from their beds and begin to prod at each other with felt-tip pens. The prodding quickly develops into a swashbuckling sword fight. And after they have rescued a beautiful damsel from the clutches of a beast Urpo finds out that he has got a strange spotty disease. Turpo, the doctor, knows the cure.
      3 Urpo & Turpo and the Evening Chores
      Urpo and Turpo are watching as Mother tells the Baby what a good little boy he is because he can already sit on a potty. As soon as Mother and the Baby have left the bathroom, Urpo and Turpo find two tea cups and sit on them as if they were their potties. Turpo reads loud The Princess and the Pea and Urpo plays the story. Princesses claiming to be real princesses show up one by one behind the prince's door. But nothing shows up in the tea cups. Then bears become interested in the bath. Turpo jumps into the water but he does not understand that he cannot really swim.
      4 Urpo & Turpo the Builders
      The children's bedroom is a scene of utter chaos. Urpo and Turpo are reading The Three Little Pigs when Father comes in with a vacuum-cleaner. By the time he has finished, all is in perfect order. Bears are overcome by great waves of insecurity. So they start to build houses for shelter. Inevitably this turns into a ferocious competition. They build bigger, better and finer houses, adding music rooms, swimming pools, fountains. Finally Urpo builds a high wall to separate each house from the other. But then a whirring, flashing robot comes into the room and threatens to destroy everything.
      5 Urpo & Turpo Go On Stage
      Urpo and Turpo are perched on their bookshelf reading Hamlet as Mother and Father are leaving for the theatre. Godmother will come to babysit them soon. While waiting Urpo and Turpo are fitting dressing-up clothes. Urpo wears a wolf's mask trying to scare everybody but he tumbles and looses his nose. Turpo pretends to comfort his friend with all sorts of new noses like a ball, a spider and a brick but Urpo rejects them all. Finally Turpo hands Urpo his own precious nose. Urpo becomes so delighted that he dances ballet. But the real play has not even started yet.
      6 Urpo & Turpo Get Hungry
      The Grandmother who has just recovered from a gallstone operation is coming to dinner. Urpo and Turpo are reading Little Red Riding Hood high on the bookshelf. When they hear Father warning the children to behave, Urpo and Turpo decide that they too will behave. They exchange polite small-talk and pleasantries and decide to have dinner at the restaurant. But Turpo as a waiter is too busy to serve Urpo who is hungry like a wolf. When Turpo leaves to deliver groceries to Grandmother in the forest, Urpo fol-lows him as a wolf lurking in the dark and dangerous fo-rest.
      7 Urpo & Turpo Get Fit
      Urpo and Turpo are on their bookshelf reading Aesop's fable The Hare and the Tortoise when the boy comes home crying. Once again he has been excluded from the game. Father encourages the boy to get fit by giving him a brand new pair of super trainers. Urpo and Turpo decide that they too will get fit. They turn the bedroom into a stadium. Turpo jumps into one of the super trainers and wins the sprint, the long-jump and the shot-put. The spectators cheer as medal after medal is hung around Turpo's neck. Meanwhile, in the gym, Urpo is working-out, doing press-ups. When Turpo takes part in the high-jump, the super trainer refuses to stop jumping, sending Turpo leaping around the stadium out of control. But Urpo, now as strong as a real bear, comes to the rescue of his friend.
      8 Urpo & Turpo on a Desert Island
      Urpo and Turpo are high on their bookshelf reading Robinson Crusoe. The girl and the boy are packing their rucksacks, preparing to leave for summer camp. Urpo and Turpo decide that they will head off for a desert island. Turpo becomes Robinson and Urpo Friday. They build a cosy, well-equipped hut. Urpo starts fishing and Turpo farming, but they don't succeed getting food. The hungry bears find "the bread-tree" from which they find fast-food. Satisfied they start dancing and playing music. BY the fire in the evening the ghost strory starts making them afraid and the bears miss home.
      9 Urpo & Turpo the Make-over
      Urpo and Turpo are on their bookshelf reading Cinderella. The girl is playing with paper dolls as Mother considers her reflection in a mirror. She is dissatisfied with her appearence and decides on a change. Urpo and Turpo, too, feel like some changes. They start with the toys, making them more colourful and cheerful. They find a doll's leg with a shoe still in place and go in search of Cinderella. When they discover a one-legged ballerina they find that the doll's leg fits her perfectly. Turpo takes Urpo for some beauty treatment. He changes his friend's hairstyle and prepares a vegetables face-pack. But the onion slices on Urpo's eyes make him cry. He just wants to be himself. Mother feels the same way when she sees her tousled hair after a home perm.
      10 Urpo & Turpo the Bravehearts
      Urpo and Turpo are on their bookshelf reading William Tell when the boy comes home. He's been fighting – bravely defending a small boy against a group of bullies – and he's bruised all over. Turpo performs somersaults and handstands until he falls from the bookshelf and lands on a soft hat. The bears place the hat on top of a stake and transform the room into a medieval square surrounded by houses and a castle. The robot reads a proclamation ordering all to bow before the hat. Turpo is William Tell and Urpo, his son. As the bears have not obeyed the order to bow to the hat, they are arrested. The only way the bears and the people can be saved from the tyranny of the hat is for Turpo to hit an apple placed on Urpo's head. He takes aim, he shoots and splits the apple in two. The people cheer and Princess Matilda dubbs the bears brave knights.
      11 Urpo & Turpo the Detectives
      Urpo and Turpo are on their bookshelf reading The Detective Stories when they hear a scream coming from the kitchen. Mother has discovered that she has lost her ring. Father orders everybody to look for it. Turpo and Urpo become Detective Hölminen and Doctor Watsanen respectively. The children's room becomes a London street by night. The bears interrogate the suspects in the doll's house, but nobody knows about the missing ring. The bears are tipped of that they should go to the harbour, where they realise that they need a "lead". They duly follow several leads, the last of which leads into the kitchen, and proves to be the cord of the vacuum cleaner. All the evidence points to the suspicious-looking dustbag. When Mother returnes to the kitchen, she finds the children sitting in the pile of dirt, happy to have found the missing ring.
      12 Urpo & Turpo Want Some Peace and Quiet
      Turpo is reading the fairy tale From Earth to Moon and Urpo is looking through a kaleidoscope. The girl asks the boy to play with her, but the boy wants to be laft in peace to draw. Mother, too, wants to sew in peace and Father, who is writing something on his computer, does not want to be disturbed. The girl is upset, offended even. Urpo would like to play, but Turpo wants to be laft alone to read. Urpo goes to the window and looks up at the stars. When Turpo finally joins Urpo, Urpo tells him that he now wants to be left alone. Turpo tries to tempt Urpo with food and music, but Urpo just wants to be alone. Turpo gets angry and starts to build a rocket. He wants to travel alone through space and have a close look at the stars, but the rocket blows up. Together, the bears climb to their bookshelf and look at the Bear constellations through the kaleidoscope.
      13 Urpo & Turpo – The Christmas Miracle
      Having read The Little Match Girl and Hansel and Gretel, Urpo and Turpo go for a Christmas adventure. In the teddies' hands, the rag doll turns into Christmas Rag Mary, and the gingerbread house on the kitchen table gets decorated like a real creche. The whole family come to see the Christmas miracle.