Crime - Development 2014

Lupo, dogged by misfortune, falls in with a ruthless moneylender to support a drug habit and keep the wolf at bay. A history of wrong calls, which culminates in a disheartening act of disloyalty, pushes Lupo over the edge and triggers an epiphany. He will face death to save the woman he loves.

    • Year of production
    • 2014
    • Genres
    • Crime, Drama
    • Countries
    • ITALY
    • Director(s)
    • Roberto PALMIERI
    • Writer(s)
    • Synopsis
    • LUPO is a reclusive drudge with a cocaine addiction, and is always broke. His only close family ties are with his invalid brother MATTEO, whom Lupo often visits in his small room at a half-way house, entertaining him with an account of his hopes and fears and improbable schemes.
      There are only two other people he associates with: PAM , a waitress who has an unrequited crush on Lupo, and a PUSHER.
      The life of an underdog is tough, and gets tougher in hard times. Lupo commits a petty theft and is fired from the night-watchman job he had drifted into after his small electronics company folded. All his efforts to find new employment fail. Feeling cornered Lupo believes his only option is to get back into business for himself. But where will he find the cash? In spite of the risk, delivering drugs for the pusher seems to be his best bet. When the goods disappear during transit the pusher is punished by a savage beating, and Lupo realizes that unless he makes good the loss both of them will end up dead.
      Without other options, he must agree to join moneylender NICOLA SARACINO’s gang in exchange for a bailout. On his first assignment he is required to drive a comely art re- storer (CLAUDIA) to a tryst with a corrupt POLITICIAN su- spected of mob connections. Claudia doesn’t know that her partner, art dealer and voyeur LEONARDO COSTA, also deeply in debt to Saracino, has agreed to use her as bait in a blackmailing scheme.
      Claudia and Lupo click right from the start, kindred spi- rits waging a solitary battle for a better life. Lupo rea- lizes he should warn Claudia of what awaits her but loses his nerve and holds his tongue. It’s just not his way to tackle problems head on. And to cap a sad string of wrong calls he tries to peddle the sordid footage to the politi- cian himself.
      Claudia wants out from her partnership with Leonardo. She knows a large sum is about to change hands when a Russian tycoon pays for a precious painting. She asks Lupo to help her intercept the loot, but learning that Leonardo intends to use the money to repay Saracino, Lupo becomes suspicious of Claudia’s motives and turns her down.
      Back home Lupo finds Saracino and his thugs waiting to jump him for elbowing in on their scam, but Claudia shows up in the nick of time to save his neck. A showdown between them ends in a breakup that induces Lupo to seek out his old pal the pusher, who has taken refuge in a rundown farmhou- se out of town where he is striving to make a new start. Seeing Lupo laid so low, his buddy urges him to sever ties with the past and get a handle on his soul. After days of brooding Lupo pulls himself together. He plots to break into Saracino’s office and rob him of his illicit gains. But patching things up with Claudia takes priority, so he furtively enters Leonardo’s villa trusting she will still want to run away with him. To his dismay he stumbles on a “partner swapping” game in which Claudia is actively invol- ved. As he is about to leave unseen, Saracino and his thugs burst in to collect from Leonardo at gunpoint. Fearing for Claudia’s safety Lupo rushes in to protect her, setting off a shootout in which he is fatally wounded. But the lovers will have time to make up before he dies in her arms.
      Claudia is the sole survivor of the slaughter. She rallies just before the police arrive and manages to hide the mo- ney. Home free at last, Claudia will honor Lupo’s memory by taking on his responsibilities.
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