By Lai Zen TSANG


Drama - Completed 2009

Vengeance on his father's murder filled Hong’s mind;when his career just took off in Shanghai stock market in the 1930s,the stakes he risked in the vendetta would be his career and beloved ones.Directed by TV veteran Lizhen Zheng and with strong cast, the epic drama has a smash premiere in China.

    • Year of production
    • 2009
    • Genres
    • Drama
    • Countries
    • CHINA
    • Languages
    • Budget
    • 3 - 5 M$
    • Duration
    • 45 mn
    • Director(s)
    • Lai Zen TSANG
    • Synopsis
    • In the 1920s, foreign educated Zi returned to Shanghai to build an empire of pharmacy with his talent and passion. Even though he went bankrupt in his battle against financial monopoly, thanks to the encouragement of Yuk, Zi was determined to rise again. Unfortunately, it was also because of Yuk, the friendship between Zi and his best friend Heng collapsed, and Zi was even unintentionally killed in a fight against Heng. Since then, the Chow and Sze families became enemies, in particular Hong who witnessed his father’s death suffered most.
      Enemy of yesterday came to Shanghai again, Hong picked up his courage to unite with his family to stand against the Sze Brothers, and he finally granted his acceptance to his stepmother Yuk who was just 10 years older than himself. With the support of good friends Chun and Ching, Hong’s career began to fly high. What’s more, Yan, the eldest son of the Sze family developed a relationship with Hong’s little sister, Man. There was once a peaceful time, and there seemed to be a chance that all the hatred and hostility could be over, until Heng showed up again…
      Hong’s career was being ruthlessly suppressed by Heng, and the couple- Man and Yan was also deeply tortured by this longstanding hate between their families. Eventually Man turned to Leung, which therefore turned the love of Yan upside down to hate. The unresolved family vendetta was only getting deeper and more complicated…
      Right before the engagement between Chun and Hong, Hong was falsely accused by the Szes and imprisoned. In order to save Hong, Yuk fell from rooftop when struggling with Hang. Deaths of his parents made Hong realize that law shall be the righteous weapon for taking revenge. Yan was so desperate to save his father that even kidnapping and sacrificing Chun and Hong’s young sister Ying. Meanwhile, Hong and Man were seriously hit by Yan, both of them went unconscious. Yan finally took over the position of Monopoly in Shanghai finance market.
      That Ching’s determination for not giving Hong up was paid back. After recovery, Hong was back to Shanghai and made his last attempt to take down his enemies. However, in a financial crisis, his capital vanished rapidly. Being left no choice, Hong mortgaged his only property- his own life for fighting against the Szes. This time, he saved the bond market…
      In those days in an epoch, where would be the destinies of these two families…?