Thriller - Development 2018

    • Year of production
    • 2018
    • Genres
    • Thriller, Erotic
    • Countries
    • Budget
    • 1 - 3 M$
    • Synopsis
    • Mother and Father are a middle-aged couple, who lost their daughter at an early age, and couldn’t have children on their own later. Now
      in a nice suburban area they parent their adopted daughter Judit, whose real mother is a prostitute. When Judit was four her real mother
      appeared and started to harrass them in order to get her child back. The parents asked for money from the prostitute in return for Judit
      knowing that the woman could never pay. Eventually, they agreed that the prostitute would work for them until she would pay her debts
      for her daughter. So the business started.
      The couple has loyal VIP guests with high positions who provide the business to run smoothly. Even the police help in by not paying
      attention to the thriving brothel. It is just sometimes better for everyone not to look everywhere.
      Judit is starting her university from autumn, and she would like to get more space and freedom. Mother and Father must face the fact: no
      matter how many girls they own at the other end of the street, the one they dearly love is about to leave them soon. They cannot imprison
      her after all. In the meantime a new girl is arriving to the brothel. An Erasmsus student from Germany, Karolina. Mother and Father take
      pleasure in the new young girl with whom they can do everything they cannot with Judit: she can be imprisoned.
      Karolina gets a full body tattoo with a symbol that will remind her of the eternal loyalty she owes to her owners. This how the Stork is born.
      The case of the missing German girl has been given to a young police ocer. Peter has become obsessed with nding Karolina as this is
      his very rst serious case in his district.
      At a party Peter coincindetally gets to know Judit, and as he spends more thime with her, he has a hunch that knowing her might lead to
      Karolina. While Mother and Father see their leaving daugher in the German girl, Peter uses Judit to get to Karolina.
      The erotic thriller presents several depressing, twisted situations where the characters cannot show their true colours. This story is about
      inertia, vulnerablity and the complete advantage of power which is sarcastically enough based on family, love and the sense of belonging.