Thriller - Development 2016

If you can only save yourself from agony and death by taking the lives of those around you, at what friend would you draw the line?

    • Year of production
    • 2016
    • Genres
    • Thriller, Drama, Science-fiction
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    • Duration
    • 90 mn
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    • When Timothy is 12 years old and seems dying, human evolution takes a new turn. The boy is able to save himself by taking over his father’s body, effectively making him his own mother’s husband - an impossible situation that makes him run away from home and start a new life elsewhere. It soon becomes apparent that his disorder is here to stay and it forces him to take over another person every year. And to make things worse, it only works with people whom he cares most about. Friendship is an essential component in this cruel abnormality.

      Many decades later, in the present, the boy who once was Tim, is now a twenty year old, named Angus. Many new bodies and just as many tragic losses later, he has managed at least one thing: he has never fallen in love.

      But that changes when, after an almost fatal accident, Angus must surrender himself to the care of beautiful medic, Emma. From that moment on, Emma is the only possible candidate for him to ‘pass in to’ when the time comes. But Emma is also the last person on earth whom he wants to hurt. Angus breaks up with her and flees to another country, hoping to spare her life. It almost works but just before he withers away in solitude, Emma tracks him down and to his own horror, his survival instinct makes him take her life.

      For the first time in his long life, he’s a woman – and she’s pregnant… of himself.
      Angus, now Emma, realizes the terrifying truth: (s)he will soon give birth to babies, a boy and a girl, that are bound to suffer from the same mutation and who’s offspring will eventually wipe out humanity in it’s current form.
      But being pregnant, Emma’s survival instinct is stronger than ever and the only thing she can do is come to terms with herself and with what she’s about to unleash upon mankind. ‘Thankfully’, an unexpected event helps her to achieve just that…
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