Drama - Post-Production 2014

    • Year of production
    • 2014
    • Genres
    • Drama
    • Countries
    • TURKEY
    • Languages
    • Synopsis
    • Rifat (30) and Pinar (22) are siblings who left their parents in Izmir and moved to Istanbul. They live together and work in the same company. The siblings not only get on well but also know very well that they have to support each other as their parents have exhausted the family wealth in the years. Rifat who works in a small advertisement agency owned by his childhood friend Cem manages to persuade Cem to hire Pinar for the agency.
      The story starts with Pinar running in to Melek after years in a shopping mall in Istanbul. Melek is just over 20 and wins a place in Geology Engineering in a prestigious Istanbul University. She leaves her parents back in Izmir and comes to Istanbul to study and enjoy her new found freedom. However, she starts this new life a bit too fast and ends up sleeping around with different men. Pinar does not know this...
      Rifat cannot stand Cem’s belittling attitude towards him in the agency and resigns. He decides to go back to acting in a TV series but fails. The current economic climate makes this option a highly dim prospect. To pass time, Rifat devotes his days to the kitchen and cooking. Pinar who continues to work in Cem’s agency becomes increasingly worried about his brother’s condition. For a change, she decides to bring Melek to dinner. She reckons if Rifat has a new girlfriend in this distressing time, it would help him to get better quickly. However a minor mistake by Rifat turns into a major incident, and Pinar’s plans fail. Rifat thinks that he left the meat bought for dinner in the shop, goes to collect it; a brawl starts between him and the shopkeeper. Rifat gets a good but undeserved beating from the shopkeeper and his friends. He is taken to hospital by his sister and Melek. The hospital invoice bruises their finances badly. Rifat feels depressed and angry about the ‘undeserved’ situation he finds himself in. He plucks up his courage and meets Melek the following day to make a business proposition to her: prostitution...they are going to work together, Rifat is the pimp, and Melek is the prostitute. A dumbfounded and very angry Melek soon realizes that she has no other option but to accept this proposition, just as Rifat thought.
      The following day, Rifat goes to Cem’s agency to talk to his first client, Cem... as expected, Cem is shocked to hear the proposition , however accepts to go to Melek’s flat just to see how serious Rifat is, and if serious, to talk them out of this...but ends up alone with the girl and sleeps with her.
      Cem secretly likes Pinar, Rifat’s beautiful sister, and they flirt with each other. Sleeping with Melek, inaugurating the ‘business’, and in a way, falling in to a psychological trap set by Rifat, combined with his interest in Pinar, infuriate Cem.