Romance - Development 2016

    • Year of production
    • 2016
    • Genres
    • Romance, Biography
    • Countries
    • SPAIN
    • Languages
    • Budget
    • 5 - 10 M$
    • Duration
    • 110 mn
    • Synopsis
    • Barcelona, 1876-1878. After obtaining his Degree in Architecture - “Gentlemen, I don’t know if I’m handing this diploma to a madman or a genius. Time will tell.” the University Rector said - Antoni Gaudí’s career takes an impressive twist at the Paris World’s Fair where the young architect exhibits his first project - he meets Edison and Alexander Graham Bell - and attracts the interest of the powerful manufacturer, Eusebi Güell. Gaudí is single and 26, while Güell is 32, has 5 children and is a millionaire.
      This interest soon turns into a strong friendship and the necessary support in order to be commissioned to design the last cathedral of our time: La Sagrada Familia.
      In the meantime, Young Gaudí’s love life takes a turn for the worse when he is abandoned by his fiancè just before their wedding. Pepeta is, a beautiful young woman who has a secret affair with Joan Palau, an attractive sailor and veteran from the Carlist War.
      In order to flee from his profound disappointment, Gaudí becomes submerged in a whirlwind of work that almost finishes him off. Güell and Eduard, his childhood friend, invite him to attend the Paris World’s Fair in 1889 where he partakes in an extraordinary adventure with Jules Verne.
      Gaudí returns to Barcelona and then travels to Tangiers to design the Franciscan Missions. There, he meets up with Pepeta who, now abandoned by Palau, survives playing piano in a brothel.
      The Missions Project is cancelled and he returns to Barcelona devastated by both his artistic and emotional failures. During the boat trip, he meets a young injured soldier who helps him reconsider his own life. In the solitude of his journey, amidst the immensity of the sea, Gaudí transforms his tumultuous feelings and experiences from his past into a clear vision in his mind: the temple of La Sagrada Familia rising from the sea.