Thriller - Development 2010

After testing a new virus on the local population, Dr Northam discovers it has violent side effects. Realising his error, he goes on the run from the governments who enlisted him to develop it. The virus influences personality changes in the brain and removes all faith in God.

    • Year of production
    • 2010
    • Genres
    • Thriller, Science-fiction, Action/Adventure
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    • Writer(s)
    • Katherine KING, Neville STEENSON
    • Synopsis
    • Outside the church sits Dr Christopher Northam, what he does next could change the world forever. Inside the church a gas rapidly expands and covers the congregation - it disappears quickly. The vicar suddenly trails off and leaves the pulpit. His congregation follow him – like they always do, but they look lost and dazed as they wander out into the bright sunshine of the day.
      The City: a group of international government representatives are meeting to discuss Dr Northam’s gas. They have heard that the first trial of the Clean Slate Project has been a success and everyone is keen to move forward with the next stage: going live on the front line.
      Northam and his assistant Evelyn drive round to see how the gas has affected the town. They witness a suicide - Northam realises he has made a terrible error. They prepare to flee the island as the government won’t back down on delivering the gas to a targeted population.
      The Infected explores the drama of intertwining emotion – and the real and very strong emotion of an individual’s faith and how it could affect them. Society could be fractured by the virus, one which mutates into something even more violent than they could have imagined. It’s up to Northam to stop them and sacrifice everything he’s done.
    • Partners & financing
    • We are looking for a Producer/Production company to option the script.
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