By Emiliano GOESSENS


Horror - Development 2018

    • Year of production
    • 2018
    • Genres
    • Horror, Thriller, Road movie
    • Countries
    • Languages
    • Budget
    • 1 - 3 M$
    • Director(s)
    • Emiliano GOESSENS
    • Writer(s)
    • Emiliano GOESSENS
    • Producer(s)
    • Pablo FERNANDEZ
    • Synopsis
    • It is night out in the South American wilderness. On a tripod a camera is recording
      SANTOS (25), a PhD from the University of Gothenburg in Sweden, who is staggering
      around under the influence of drugs. It looks as he is loosing his mind. Santos is shouting
      after someone called Alicia.
      Attached on his right upper arm he has a laser pointer, and the green laser beam points
      right up into the dark sky. He continues to stumble and calls for Alicia. Santos disappears
      from the view of the camera into the night. Suddenly, Santos screams of fear and pain.
      The laser beam starts spinning intensively for some seconds, before it disappears up in
      the air. Everything becomes calm and silent.
      Two weeks earlier Santos is waking up in a department in Gothenburg with joyful
      memories of his former girlfriend. His mobile phone calls. It’s her, who reminds him that he
      cannot stay in the department any longer and that their relationship definitely is over.
      Santos has great difficulties to accept this reality.
      At the department of Neuropsychology in the University of Gothenburg Santos is a “king”
      but a controversial one. Admired by his fellow students but sometimes too egocentric for
      his professor, and for MED-ZEA a pharmaceutical company that is sponsoring his
      research project. Santos is convinced that he has found the cure for depression through
      From time to time Santos himself suffers from depression. When he now returns to the
      University after being away for six months, he finds out that the professor and the sponsor
      have shut down his project due to new cases of Divirum, a mental disease, where the
      victims have consumed hallucinogenic mushrooms containing psilocybin. Santos
      becomes desperate and his return to the University ends with a big quarrel.
      Furiously Santos leaves the University and in a corridor he runs into ALICIA (23). She is
      also investigating Divirum since a young girl, a sister to a friend of hers in Uruguay,
      suffers from the disease. Alicia has been looking for Santos. He is caught by her
      interesting appearance.
      Together they begin to investigate the disease and on the Internet they find horrifying
      images of the Divirum, showing people with distorted bodies and faces of madness.
      Santos and Alicia leave for Uruguay to seek the truth.
      Upon landing at Montevideo airport they are met by Alicia´s friend MATU (27) who is a
      charming and very handsome man with a fancy car. Santos is not too enthusiastic. But
      Matu is devastating for what has happened to his young sister and he offers Santos and
      Alicia all the help they need. His sister has been eating hallucinogenic mushrooms and
      Matu blames himself for not taking care of her properly.
      Matu brings Santos and Alicia to the clinic where his sister is inmate. The visit develops
      into a horrifying experience. The clinic looks like a prison. The victims are held behind
      locked doors and are out of any communication and the staff has great difficulties to keep
      them calm. The clinic doctor has discovered a common factor among the victims; all of
      them have tried to paint trees, independently of each other,ho and they have been eating
      a certain mushroom in a mystic forest in a remote place called El Cabo. The trio decides
      to go there.
      On horseback through a challenging desert they finally reach El Cabo exhausted. The
      place prove to be a hovel and an almost abandon village with a few strange residents.
      But in a worn down beach bar they meet KIKE, SANDRA and DJ who invites them to eat
      and drink. The next day Santos is eager to find the forest and they leave El Cabo. But
      where the forest is supposed to be there is only sand. Soon they find out the truth. DJ
      reveals the secret; to see the forest one must eat the mushrooms.
      During their journey, Alicia and Matu discover that they have feelings for each other
      beyond their friendship. Santos notices this and decides to conceal what he feels for
      Alicia. One night when Santos is alone he meets an old man who tells that the Indians, in
      ancient times, used the mushrooms to hide from the Spaniards. They were so skilled in
      using it that they managed, not only to disappear themselves, but also together with the
      whole forest. Santos consider this only as an old legend.
      In the name of science Matu, one night, eats the same mushrooms as the Indians used.
      They’re called Cucumelo. Matu discovers the forest but Santos and Alicia see only desert.
      Matu disappears into the dark night. Inhuman sounds surrounds them. and from Matu
      they hear terrifying screams of great pain. Santos and Alicia panic but Matu is gone in the
      dark night. He never returns. Santos is using his camera and take some photos. When he
      looks at the pictures in the camera he see strange and horrifying creatures.
      Santos is convinced that it is the villagers who are behind all this and that they only are
      trying to scare them away. But Alice, who is determined to find Matu, is sure that the old
      man told Santos the truth. In secrecy she takes the mushrooms.
      When Santos discovers this he tie a rope around her waist and the other end around
      himself. He is not going to loose her. Alicia sees the forest and begins to call for Matu. But
      he does not answer. Instead an inhuman strong force pulls her into the dark. Santos tries
      to resist with all his forces but he is also pulled into the dark where Alicia now is
      screaming for her life. Santos pulls his knife out and cut the rope.
      Full of wrath and guilt Santos is storming back to the village accusing the people for
      killing his friends. It ends up in a bloody fight. The villagers are trying to convince Santos
      that they never met his friends. He came alone to El Cabo. Finally Santos accepts that the people are telling the truth and that Alicia is his old girlfriend who left him. He does not
      want to lose her again and in an act of insanity he eats the Cucumelo mushrooms and heads for the forest to save Alicia.
      In the morning he wake up in a beautiful forest and the drug has left his body. He returns
      to the village in order to find out what has happened. But his heart freezes when he is met
      by the same persons who where at the clinic in Montevideo. The people greet Santos as
      the new villager. He panics and jumps up on the horse and ride in full speed out of El
      Cabo. But it is impossible. He returns all the time to the same place. DJ explains, for a
      desperate Santos, that the Indians opened a road that the villagers are guarding. And
      Santos is now one of them.
      We are back in Gothenburg where Alicia is arriving at the psychiatric clinic at the
      Sahlgrenska hospital. She enters a room where a man sits and stares out through the
      window. Alicia takes a chair a sit beside the man who is Santos. He has Divirum.
      Alicia talks calm to Santos who does not show any sign of communication. But suddenly
      Santos take her hand and squeezes it hard, turn his head and for a second or two he look
      straight into her eyes showing that he is there.
      “Into the darkest side of the human brain – don´t go there”
    • Beginning of shooting
    • Nov 01, 2014
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