By Ying NING


Action/Adventure - Development 2012

    • Year of production
    • 2012
    • Genres
    • Action/Adventure
    • Countries
    • CHINA
    • Languages
    • Director(s)
    • Ying NING
    • Writer(s)
    • Igor DARBO
    • Synopsis
    • The Dragon Angel
      Script by Dana Ziyasheva
      Director: Ning Ying
      Original idea and script registered with the Writers Guild of America West under number 1551327
      A 10 YO American boy named Alex moves to Beijing where his father, renowned architect Sebastian Le Prince, and Hong-Kong real estate mogul Edward Tang, are set to build the world’s tallest skyscraper: The Needle. There, Alex befriends Edward Tang’s son Jason, an 11 YO overweight videogame addict.
      Alex is haunted by visions that lead him to an old house in a traditional Beijing neighborhood. Residents Mei, a 10 YO girl and her grandmother Nai Nai, tell him about the looting of the house by French soldiers in 1860 and most importantly, about the evil neighbor Xu Hao who had driven the ferocious Colonel Dumont to strip the house’s of its ancient and precious ornaments: the 7 dragons.
      The old house is to be demolished and the Needle built in its place. When Nai Nai learns about the imminent destruction of the family compound from Alex, her heart fails and she dies. Alone and powerless, Mei faces a double threat: her adoption by Edward Tang and the loss of her house. Unless that is, she can find the seven dragons, the proof of her birthplace’s ancient history and the shield against the structure’s demolition. Finding the dragons also means finding the long-lost members of Mei’s family, and a better adoptive home.
      Alex discovers the reason for his visions: Colonel Dumont was his ancestor. Riddled with guilt, Dumont’s soul has been imprisoned in the City of Ghosts. Only when Alex redeems his ancestor’s crime by reinstalling the dragons on the roof of Mei’s house, will Dumont’s tormented soul find peace.
      An improbable team comprised of Alex, Mei and Jason embark on a treasure hunt. Their task is to find descendents of the 5 children who saved the 7 dragons from Colonel Dumont in 1860. As Alex remarks: “There is some solid detective work lying ahead!” They are up against the evil imp Xu Hao, who is impersonating Edward Tang and has been manipulating Colonel Dumont, Alex, Sebastian Le Prince and Jason by preying on their weaknesses and ambitions.
      The quest takes the children to the Underworld (the City of Ghosts), a kung-fu temple in Southern China, the wild mountains of Sichuan, as well as hip urban locales of Beijing night life and virtual communities. Each place they travel, the children receive clues that point them to the location of the next dragon. This journey forces each child to gradually overcome his/her individual fears and shortcomings. This story isn’t only about the children’s quest for individual salvation; it is also an exploration of Chinese mythology and the imagined world through the eyes of a Western boy. Traditional Beijing crafts such as maohou (hairy monkeys), biyanhu (snuff bottles), silk fans and embroidered shoes come to life through a series of hilarious and magical misadventures.
      The final showdown, set during the Hungry Ghost Festival, brings all the dragons back onto the roof of the family siheyuan but only after Alex, Mei and Jason extinguish a supernatural blaze, repel an army of giant maohous and almost drown under a torrent of fake dragons! In the end, Alex and his great-great-grandfather finally defeat the evil imp Xu Hao and bring him to the Celestial King for last judgment. At the end of the adventure, there is a twist that will surely leave the audience begging for more.
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