Fantasy - Development 2012

a fantasy film set during the 1943 Nazi occupation. The story is adapted from an event that in part actually took place concerning Adolph Hitler’s passion for the occult art and sciences. A selected group of Nazi officers was sent to retrieve the Spear of Longinus

    • Year of production
    • 2012
    • Genres
    • Fantasy
    • Countries
    • ITALY
    • Languages
    • Duration
    • 90 mn
    • Director(s)
    • Flavio MORETTI
    • Producer(s)
    • Elena DE VARDA (Filmlux)
    • Synopsis
    • - The Spear of Longinus …
      Gaius Cassius Longinus, also known as the Isaurian, is the name of the Roman centurion who pierced Jesus Christ’s side as he hung dying on the Cross…
      Blood mixed with water gushed out from the wound and some droplets fell into the centurion’s diseased eyes and miraculously healed them….
      In 1909, a young Hitler visited a museum in Vienna and was awestruck and fascinated by the relic.
      In 1938, before the Second World War began, he managed to get his hands on it.
      Winter 1944, in Languedoc, southern France
      Under heavy rain, a column of SS armoured tanks arduously advance, spied upon through binoculars. The column is attacked by an armed group of people belonging to the resistance movement and who know about that an extremely precious load that is passing through this village
      After a battle with firearms and some SS soldiers are killed, one of the armoured tanks is isolated from the others….it precipitates off a cliff and is quickly reached by Vastarek and Riel, members affiliated to the resistance movement. They are actually two shady characters paid to appropriate themselves of the treasures and works of art stolen by the Germans…. The pair open the strongbox that contains two enormous treasures, in reality, relics: The Spear and the Vases of Longinus. Vastarek is seized by a hallucinatory flash when he grabs the Spear (he sees in subjective mode the spear piercing Christ on the Cross).
      At this point he realizes that he has a priceless treasure in his hands and for this very reason he shoots his friend. The precious treasure is loaded into his car that is hidden nearby and he leaves the ambush site, thus abandoning Riel who is mortally wounded. The latter has a strange supernatural experience: he sees himself agonizing, and it’s as if a force drags him away and catapults him into a tunnel of light. This tunnel of light transports him into an unreal world and roaming around this timeless place he sees the back of a figure. As he nears, he is surprised to discover that the figure is in fact Vastarek. After having uselessly tried to attack Vastarek, due to the fact that their bodies are inconsistent in the two different worlds, Riel listens to what his assassin is trying to tell him, and thus discovers that he was also hit by the SS soldiers, but was able to hide away the treasure. As Vastarek is about to reveal the treasure’s hiding place, a superhuman force drags Riel far away from him and prevents him from hearing the rest of the story. He wakes up from the nightmare-hallucination and a Nazi officer in charge of the armoured tank column appears before him. It is the perfidious Major Von Krass, who, having survived the ambush, realizes that the treasure has been stolen. Seeing the man in poor condition, the German officer decides not to finish him off, but rather to cure him so as he can later interrogate him as the SS is wont to do.
      The prisoner is the taken to a village settled by a few houses which Von Krass’ soldiers overtake violently.
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