Documentary - Development 2014

"The Convoy" will primarily be a documentary about making a documentary. It will narrate the expedition to trace the historical aspects of this amazing journey. Two plots will intertwine to combine in a compelling and exciting story.

    • Year of production
    • 2014
    • Genres
    • Documentary
    • Countries
    • MALTA
    • Languages
    • Synopsis
    • World war II. Malta serves as a strategic base for Allied ships and aircrafts, causing serious difficulties for Italian and German armies in North Africa. Axis forces do all it takes to blockade the Maltese archipelago. And they succeed. In 1941 – 1942 Malta lives under siege and supplies are getting low.
      Malta desperately needs the Allies support, and the supplies have to be delivered at all costs. “ Operation Pedestal” turns out to be the potential solution. The convoy departs on its way to Malta passing through the Gibraltar Strait
      A week passes and after having survived constant enemy attacks and treacherous minefields, the Convoy survives in part and brings critically needed supplies to the Valletta Port. Only five merchant ships out of fourteen managed to reach their destination. The crowds, greeting the arrival of the last ship on 15 August, 1942, fell silent to pay their respect to those brave ones, who lost lives during the operation.
      In Malta the heroic convoy is known as the Konvoj ta' Santa Marija by virtue of the momentous fact that the last ship arrived to Malta right for the Feast of the Assumption. This iconic journey is a testimony of bravery and perseverance of an island and its defenders during the second world war and proved to be a historical turning point. In all probability had the Convoy not reached its destination, the islands would have surrendered depriving the Allies of an important base.