Thriller - Completed 2017

When a virus outbreak causes widespread panic, a doomsday prepper retreats into his new house, believing that he's safe from the dangers outside, but soon discovers that his house is haunted by terrifying ghosts.

    • Year of production
    • 2017
    • Genres
    • Thriller, Horror
    • Countries
    • USA
    • Budget
    • N/A
    • Duration
    • 87 mn
    • Synopsis
    • KENNY is a die-hard, doomsday prepper, who has just moved into his perfect house. He's installed plywood over the windows and has enough food/water to last him for years. The television is detailing that a virus outbreak has caused widespread panic, with people rioting in the streets, trying to obtain needed food/water. Kenny LAUGHS, as this is his day, the day that he knew would come. As Kenny barricades himself inside his new house, he begins to hear noises, such as a young girl crying, footsteps, and tapping under the floor. Kenny dismisses the noises, as just the house creaking. As Kenny moves through his new house, he discovers that the prior owner left a HAM radio, with the prior owner's "handle" being KAMIKAZE. Being bored, Kenny decides to try contacting some people, who are listed on a faded piece of paper. Kenny makes contact with a person, who calls himself PATRIOT, with Kenny passing himself off as KAMIKAZE. The two men discuss the current events, with PATRIOT becoming recognized as a fellow doomsday prepper, who also believes in widespread government conspiracies. As the two men talk, Kenny begins to hear more noises. Kenny gets up and investigates, with it becoming evident that there are ghosts watching Kenny. While investigating the noises under the floor, Kenny discovers several DVD's, which have been hidden in the furnace vents. Kenny begins to watch these DVD's, realizing that a killer filmed his murders, inside Kenny's house. Kenny moves to the Living Room and notices blood stains, which hadn't been there before. He returns to the radio and tries to obtain some advice. When Kenny returns to the Living Room, the stains have vanished. PATRIOT then tells Kenny that internet queries disclosed that a serial killer had been killed inside the house., with PATRIOT also telling Kenny that things outside are getting worse. Kenny is torn between staying inside and facing the ghosts, who are becoming more forceful or....tearing down his barricade and facing the horrors that are outside.