By Denis METIN


First film - Pre-Production 2012

Güldane is a 15 year-old Gypsy girl exploring her pubescent sexuality. Halil is a macho taxi driver in his mid-thirties. Syncopated Rhythm is a story about Halil and Güldane’s bizarre relationship with two opposing feelings of violence and lust, and how these feelings combine to bring them together.

    • Year of production
    • 2012
    • Genres
    • First film
    • Countries
    • TURKEY
    • Languages
    • Budget
    • 1 - 3 M$
    • Duration
    • 110 mn
    • Director(s)
    • Denis METIN
    • Writer(s)
    • Producer(s)
    • Elif GURBEY (Defiant Film International), Ihsan METIN (Defiant Film International)
    • Synopsis
    • The city of Istanbul has the tendency to grind those who live on its outskirts. In such an environment, where people are unable to integrate into the mainstream, what is the power of attraction of an untamed passion? What kind of disasters could this lead to? What kind of violence…
      Syncopated Rhythm, a feature film adaptation of novelist and screenwriter Gaye Boralioğlu’s narrative Aksak Ritim (İletişim Yayınları 2009), follows the story of characters that have fallen victim to the harsh realities of this city.
      Güldane is a beautiful Gypsy girl that has recently discovered her femininity, and with this newfound confidence, engages in a sensual game within her neighborhood. Yunus, Güldane’s younger brother, organizes peep shows of his sister for the locals after their parents go to sleep. He calls the neighborhood’s boys to the show with the inconspicuous tapings of his bongo drum as he walks through the street. With a lustful mix of dance and stripping, Güldane’s audience of young boys succumbs to the concealment of the night. However, one evening Güldane’s show is cut-short after her drunken father attacks one of the boys with a switchblade.
      With her father in jail, Güldane tries to earn money for her family by selling flowers to passing cars at a busy intersection. In a short time, she learns to dance through the traffic, and sell roses.
      One day a jeep appears. The driver, Halil, uses his jackal smile to entice the young Güldane to his car door. While negotiating the price for a bouquet, Halil slams on the accelerator with the roses in his hand, leaving Güldane behind.
      To someone as proud as Güldane, she is bewildered and scared with Halil as a man who requires women’s authority, and plays with this gypsy girl for his own amusement. Yet at the same time, she is attracted to his wild masculinity.
      When at a later time Halil approaches Güldane at the intersection for his routine perverted game, Güldane throws a handful of lime dust into his face, he then loses control of his car, is sideswiped by a truck, and launched into a construction pit nearby.
      As Halil is coma-stricken, Güldane goes to the hospital to see Halil, not out of sentiment to revel in her near-murderous work, but out of her inexplicable attraction to this man. How much can Halil, who has been struggling in the darkness, hear or understand?
      As Halil awakes, he realizes that he is blind, and his problems with his memory come to light, as he cannot remember the accident. Out of pride, and an inability to pay his hospital bills, Halil prematurely leaves the hospital alone and recluses in the solitude of his small apartment.
      After recovering his sight, and some of his memory, Halil starts working as a taxi driver. While driving the streets one day, he sees Güldane and remembers the events that lead to his accident. After following her home, Halil watches as Güldane puts on one of her peep shows for the boys. In a moment of rage, Halil waits until Güldane finishes her show, kidnaps her, ties her up, and throws her into the trunk of his taxi. After a short drive, he comes to a bridge, stops his car, and pulls the helpless girl out of his trunk. With an immediate animal-like reaction, Güldane slams her head into Halil’s face and breaks his nose, and almost escapes, buts it’s already too late… Halil grabs her and throws her into the black waters below.
      Surprisingly, Güldane is able to loosen the ropes around her hands, and escapes.
      At this point, both Güldane and Halil have tried to kill each other at least once. Are they even now? Or are their lives now inexplicably intertwined?
      Halil is not new to violence. If you ask him his mother is still alive, and talks to him everyday, but what would you expect from someone who witnessed a murder as a boy while hiding under his bed?
      Güldane too learns loss even after surviving her encounters with Halil. Her father, Cevdet, dies in a bizarre accident after getting out of jail. While working at a construction site he falls victim to having cement poured on top of him while he gets high in a pit. His fellow gypsy friends decide to leave his body inside the concrete and erect him as a statue in the center of the community. With Cevdet gone, Safiye, Güldane’s mother, abandons her children in search of a new man that will accept her as “more than just a hole to fuck”.
      With no one else to turn to, destitute, and hungry, Güldane turns to Halil as her refuge, but can Halil take Güldane into his arms, for he himself is looking for a refuge from his own torment. Güldane turns to her beauty as a means of survival for her and her younger brother, and as a means to escape her “predestined bad fortune”. Yet as everything goes for the people that live behind the crumbling walls on the periphery of Istanbul, Güldane learns that it is unwise to play with aggressive sexual desires. Even Yunus is unable to stop the crowd of men that rush his sister underneath the statue of their father.
      Though if you ask Halil, Güldane is in his living room, wearing a white nightgown, as he holds a box with a pearl necklace, telling her “don’t worry, everything will soon be over.”
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    • In process
    • Production schedule
    • In process
    • Beginning of shooting
    • Sep 01, 2012
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