By Tauquir AHMED


Drama - Pre-Production 2016

    • Year of production
    • 2016
    • Genres
    • Drama
    • Countries
    • Languages
    • Budget
    • 0.6 - 1 M$
    • Duration
    • 95 mn
    • Director(s)
    • Tauquir AHMED
    • Writer(s)
    • Tauquir AHMED
    • Producer(s)
    • Synopsis
    • In a vast hill Area Lake. A middle aged man (Monoz) and a young girl (Ranga, tribal girl) come
      by a trawler (engine boat).
      Monoz has purchased her from a needy hill man Ranga’s Grandfather. After a rape incident he
      had no other way but to get the girl away.
      Monoz exploit her physically but doesnot marry. Every morning Monoz (A government officer)
      goes to office locking the girl in the house. Ranga spends all day alone. She makes tribal dolls of
      her character and dances in the nature in imagination wearing the monipuri(tribal) dress. She
      tells Monoz that she wants to read but Monoz ignores.
      Monoz takes money from the settler’s from the plain land and gives them the tribal lands.
      Ong(A young tribal boy) is losing his paternal land and fight back. The land grabbers come to
      Monoz. Ong goes to his tribe. They tell him to go to the land officer Monoz. Monoz does not
      Ranga find a phoptograph of a young lady (Smrity) and makes another doll of the photo as her
      friend. Now, both the girls dance in the nature. Seeing that photo Monoz gets angry, he tears
      the photo and burns that doll.
      That night in his dream he sees the doll of Smrity hanging, he gets frightened and take shelter
      to Ranga. Next morning Monoz does not lock ranga and announces that he will find a teacher
      for her. Ranga dance in joy and make a doll in Monoz’s character.
      Monoj appoint Ong(The tribal man) as his night guard. Ong has all the interest for Ranga but
      she avoids him. The land grabbers pursue for Ong’s land. Monoz tells them to grab it. Ranga
      feels lonely and Monoz’s unfriendly behavior makes her close to the tutor Alok. Alok discloses
      the sad story of Smrity. Smrity, Monoz’s first wife who had an unnatural death hanging from
      the ceiling. People suspect that is was a murder.
      Monoj continues his money making venture of grabbing tribal lands.
      Ranga get closer of Alok, makes his doll and soon they fell in love. Ong witness their closeness
      and get jealous. He helps Monoz to find the fact.
      Monoz gets furious to find the love affair and discharges the tutor Alok. But Alok continues to
      see Ranga in his absence and soon Ong discloses everything to Monoz. Monoz says to Ranga
      that he has to go to town for three days and leaves.
      Ranga plans to flee with Alok. She takes a bag full of money from Monoz’s locker and hands it
      over to Alok. Next morning Alok should arrive with an engine boat.
      While going back Alok finds Monoz and Monoz stabs him at the heart. Suddenly Ong arrive at
      the scene, he gets puzzled. Monoz tells him of getting his land back and to carry the corpse.
      They bury the dead in Ong’s land along with the blood stained bag. Monoz remobes the
      signboard placed by the land grabbers and tells Ong this land is his and he has to guard the
      secret to secure the land and disappears in dark.
      Alok does not come next morning; Ranga waits all day and request Ong to look for him. Ong
      agrees and after drinks for hour at his land comes with a false statement that tutor has left the
      town with bag and baggage. Ranga discloses the fact of giving tutor bag full of money. That
      night, Ong digs that grave again and get that bag with money in it.
      Monoz comes back, Ranga’s loneliness has now become more intense. She does not
      communicate with Monoz. When he wants to talk she replies in her tribal language. But Ong
      starts coming to Ranga regularly with flower and fruit and requests her to make a doll of Ong.
      They start coming close. Ranga makes a doll of Ong. They started to spend time together.
      The land grabbers threat Monoz.
      A police inspector starts coming in search of Alok. Suddenly while being in Ong’s hut with him,
      she discovers the blood stained bag. And she gets the truth. Ranga makes Ong to confess with
      the commitment of fleeing with Ong. Ranga now makes Monoz understand her intimacy with
      Ong on purpose.
      Monoz come to Ong and says that police is about to discover the fact. So, they have to remove
      the bones of Alok. Ong starts digging the grave again. After finding the bone Monoz stabs Ong
      and buries the body. Meanwhile, we see Ranga to bury the doll of Ong and hang the doll of
      Monoz. She is holding the name card of the police inspector. Monoz comes to the house and
      finds Ranga under the bed sheet. He stabs her and finds it’s not Ranga but a pillow. With the
      removal of bed sheet a string tied to the sheet hang’s the Monoz’s doll on the other end.
      Monoz realizes his fate.
      Ranga is now sailing alone in a trawler the doll of Alok and Ranga in her hand. Golden sunshine
      starts dispelling the darkness.
    • Partners & financing
    • 50% finance is ready by Impress Telefilm Ltd. We are looking for International co-production of this film.
    • Beginning of shooting
    • Oct 05, 2016
    • End of shooting
    • Feb 09, 2017