Animation - Development 2018

In the congested world of superheroes, finally a failed superhero emerges. Splash is an animated tail of a fish out of water.

    • Year of production
    • 2018
    • Genres
    • Animation, Action/Adventure, TV Series
    • Countries
    • USA
    • Languages
    • Synopsis
    • Having just been released from a mental institute – Russell Hyde attempts to pick up the pieces of his past as Splash – a failed superhero. Splash was once part of The Force Council – a band of superheroes. Along with his side-kick Koi they were young, invincible, and unfortunately terrible. So, in order to rid himself of ‘the embarrassment’, the leader of The Force Council, Admiral Power, framed Splash and had him sent off to an insane asylum.
      Seven years have passed and Russell Hyde is being released from the looney bin. Deemed ‘sane and ready to rejoin society’, only one question remains: ‘is it crazy to think there’s room for one more?’ No, not a nut – a superhero. For, it is Russell Hyde who is also Splash – his secret identity (which was originally SeaMan, but no one would take him seriously) who desperately longs to prove himself as a real superhero. Having watched from afar as his counterparts achieved overarching fame thanks to franchise film deals (Ax-Man, Bolt, Flex, Fortitude, even The Flea), Splash is ready to make a... well... a splash. Or maybe some medium-sized waves. The oceanic warrior is ready to shed his botched image (Is it the fins? The golden fish hooks?). He’s ready to escape the ridicule he’s become so accustomed to and really turn things around. However, just like every man who has chosen the path of heroics, Splash must overcome hurdles (you know, normal human-shit) like patching up his damaged relationship with ex-wife, Mandy, and becoming a better father to his angsty teenage daughter. To finally become the superhero he believes he’s destined to be, to save the world (again and again and again), this aquatic conqueror must become a fish out of water.