Animation - Development 2010

Two brothers on a personal quest set off into the world as naive youngsters and, after
an epic journey gaining new friends and battling foes, return home as brave warriors
and heroes.

    • Year of production
    • 2010
    • Genres
    • Animation
    • Countries
    • Languages
    • Budget
    • 25 - 50 M$
    • Duration
    • 90 mn
    • Director(s)
    • Trevor HAWKINS
    • Writer(s)
    • Trevor HAWKINS, Charles HODGES
    • Producer(s)
    • Peter FLYNN (Wunkydoo), Robert RAYMOND (Blueseas Films), Leah WRIGHT (Blueseas Films)
    • Synopsis
    • Much is known about pixies, elves and fairies, but not so of tiny woodland folk called
      “Gumnut Babies” who inhabit the Australian bushland. “Snugglepot & Cuddlepie”
      are two such gumnut baby brothers, who have grown up together in the small treetop
      community of Gumnut Town. Both on the verge of young gumnut adulthood and
      craving for adventure (Cuddlepie to a lesser extent), they decide to leave their safe
      surrounds to go in search of humans, for they have heard many wild and amazing
      stories about them and wish to see one for themselves (although a wary Cuddlepie is
      just happy to see one from a distance).
      An old family friend, Mr. Lizard, joins them on their quest to ensure that they don’t
      come to any harm however, not far into their journey, he is kidnapped by the evil Mrs.
      Snake and dragged back to her dungeon to be prepared for her cooking pot.
      Thankfully, with the help of Mr. Frog and his froggy friends, Snugglepot &
      Cuddlepie rescue Mr. Lizard and then seek refuge in nearby “White City”, a large
      gumnut community. Here they befriend Ragged Blossom, a pretty gumnut girl.
      Angry at being done out of a lizard dinner and seeking revenge, Mrs. Snake enlists
      her cohorts, the nasty Banksia Men, to ambush them and soon an all out battle ensues
      with our heroes vastly outnumbered, but once again Mr Frog and his friends save the
      day and the cowardly Banksia men flee, leaving Mrs. Snake alone to be defeated. She
      is told to leave and never be seen in those parts again. Meanwhile, the Banksia men
      regroup and hatch an evil plot against Mr Lizard and his young gumnut charges. Now
      our heroes have more enemies!
      The next day Snugglepot, Cuddlepie and Ragged blossom are unexpectedly invited on
      an ocean voyage as a reward by a strange and mysterious sea captain and, with naive
      excitement, they accept and set off without Mr. Lizard! Onboard ship they soon
      discover that they have been tricked by the evil Banksia men, who plan to throw them
      overboard and so they hide below deck where they encounter a stowaway called
      Winky, a native mouse, who offers to help them sneak off the ship at the next port,
      the city of Bigbad, a bustling gumnut metropolis.
      Once there, they escape the ship and our gumnut country bumpkins experience the
      highs and lows of life in Bigbad city first hand. Snugglepot & Ragged Blossom’s
      freedom is short lived however, when their whereabouts is discovered by the Banksia
      captain, who mercilessly throws them from a nearby cliff into the ocean below to
      Snugglepot and Ragged Blossom however do not drown! Instead they end up in the
      zany and crazy world of Fish Town, where fish dress and walk upright like humans!
      The nasty head fish, Mr. John Dory, only wants to eat them, while the beautiful good
      fish, Miss Ann Chovy, wants to protect them. They also meet a “normal” fish called
      Frilly, who shows them around their new underwater surrounds. Aware of the many
      dangers threatening his new friends, Frilly tells them of a legend where, if land folk
      touch a certain pearl, “ It will transform into a baby called Obelia and no harm shall
      come to those who love her and she shall become the Queen of the Fish Folk.” Frilly
      takes them to the pearl and Ragged Blossom touches it, causing the transformation to
      occur as per the prophecy.
      Meanwhile, Mr. Lizard has arrived in Bigbad looking for his young friends and
      discovers Cuddlepie wandering the streets lost and alone. There is a joyous reunion
      followed by sudden despair when they learn of Snugglepot and Ragged Blossom’s
      tragic fate, unaware that they are in fact still alive beneath the ocean waves.
      Snugglepot & Ragged Blossom return to Fish Town triumphant with baby Obelia and
      good fortune seems almost immediate. John Dory becomes a changed fish, and then
      redemption arrives from above in the form of a large fishhook with an attached note:
      “Cling to the hook, and I will pull you up! Signed, Cuddlepie”. Snugglepot is elated!
      Ragged Blossom, however, decides to stay with the baby Obelia. There is a sad
      farewell as Snugglepot climbs aboard the hook and ascends back to the surface.
      Snugglepot’s joy is cut short, as it is revealed to be yet another trick by the nasty
      Banksia men who have returned to finish the job! Once again he is in their clutches.
      Word of Snugglepot’s situation travels back to Cuddlepie and Mr. Lizard and, with
      the help of Mr. Eagle and Mr. Kookaburra, they launch an airborne attack! The
      Banksia men are defeated and sink to the oceans depths.
      Snugglepot is reunited with Cuddlepie, but is concerned that the battle’s outcome may
      have unleashed the Banksia men amongst his new fish friends, and Ragged Blossom
      and little Obelia. A determined Cuddlepie decides to rally an army of gumnuts to rid
      the ocean of the Banksia men.
      The Banksia men are indeed alive in the ocean depths, however they have been
      grabbed by a giant octopus who threatens to eat them unless they send many gumnuts
      from above. They have no choice but to agree and word is sent to the evil Mrs. Snake
      for help. Mrs. Snake is back in business!
      Mrs. Snake sees that Cuddlepie is rallying an army of gumnuts and she comes up with
      a cunning plan. First she hypnotizes Cuddlepie, and then she tricks the entire gumnut
      army on a journey direct to the ocean and to the waiting tentacles of the giant octopus.
      Cuddlepie manages to escape their fate but is, himself, swept away to the watery
      Cuddlepie wakes in the arms of a beautiful young woman, Queen Obelia, who is no
      longer a tiny baby, but has magically transformed overnight. She explains that evil is
      now everywhere and that it is up to him to break the “spell” by completing a task
      which would rescue Ragged Blossom from a dark abyss and rid the evil from her
      ocean kingdom. Cuddlepie takes up the challenge and is thrust into the murky depths
      where he battles his way past many nasty creatures to the bottom of the dark abyss
      and rescues Ragged Blossom. In an instant, with his task complete, there is a mighty
      explosion and all the evil is destroyed.
      Cuddlepie and Ragged blossom are reunited with Mr. Lizard and Snugglepot. Their
      joyous reunion is interrupted by the sudden arrival of a human child who, thankfully,
      is a kind one and helps them on their way. With their quest to meet a human now
      complete and the bad guys beaten, they return home victorious. Once more, “Good”
      triumphs over “Evil”.
    • Beginning of shooting
    • Jan 01, 2011