Science-fiction - Development 2017

K, a controversial artist, finds himself mixed up in a complex experiment based on quantic theory.

This will provoke a fusion of our reality with another, one filled with nightmares and terror stemming from the traumas of a psychopath.

    • Year of production
    • 2017
    • Genres
    • Science-fiction, Horror
    • Countries
    • SPAIN
    • Languages
    • Budget
    • 3 - 5 M$
    • Duration
    • 95 mn
    • Director(s)
    • Writer(s)
    • Producer(s)
    • Synopsis
    • K is a young artist who has overcome an episode of mental illness thanks to the support of his family and girlfriend Lorena. Following an accident in which all die, he has a relapse and enters a downward spiral of self- destruction which will lead him to create dark works based on his recurrent hallucinations.

      Mark, a young multi-millionaire, shows K some old drawings done by a patient from a psychiatric ward (Subject H). In these works, we see the same creatures that appear in K’s paintings, among them NoFace, a sinister, faceless figure. Mark has a theory that there exists a connection that cannot be explained by conventional science and invites K to visit his research center located in an ancient mental institution. H has spent a decade in solitary confinement there; after those who interacted with him ended up murdered with their faces amputated. The interns blame the crimes on someone they call NoFace; the resident physicians, on a collective hallucination.

      Mark proposes that K take part in a research project that will demonstrate the existence of parallel universes. K, believing it is possible that his hallucinations, and the visions he has of Lorena, are
      something more than mere schizophrenia, accepts the invitation.

      The project is based on quantum principles. The laboratory is connected with a particle accelerator that
      generates micro-sized black holes, the nexus between both realities. K must inject some substances and connect with Subject H via virtual reality simulations.

      The experiment is based on the ability that H and K have to connect with other realities whenever they attain altered mental states. The particle accelerator is then activated and a bridge is opened between both universes.

      A series of simulations are initiated with the traumatic childhood of Subject H, who was held hostage for ten years by Enriqueta, a fearful woman who held children captive, forcing them to prostitute themselves and commit barbarities. H is released; his hallucinations and traumas are being treated by Doctor Floyd, a sadistic psychiatrist an ex-customer of Enriqueta. One day he awakens from a trance and discovers Floyd mutilated and faceless. Behind him is the mirrored reflection of NoFace.

      Back to reality, it becomes evident that K and H share something more: Lorena was the girlfriend that
      H murdered thirty years ago to protect her from NoFace. With the two universes joined, both have crossed over into K’s reality.

      The nightmare unravels in the laboratory and the research team fall victim to NoFace. Lorena returns to
      K’s arms. H, broken up over feeling betrayed, decides to turn them over to NoFace. The only way to
      stop this fusion of realities is by stopping the particle generator.

      K now has to face his hardest decision: Destroy the accelerator and break the connection between universes without knowing what will happen to Lorena or allow it to continue to function while living a nightmare with his loved one?