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Documentary - Completed 2005

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    • 2005
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    • Documentary
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    • Singapore GaGa is an essay film, a 55-minute paean to the quirkiness of the Singaporean aural landscape. It zooms in on our aural gems and reveals hidden faces of our past and present with a delight and humour that makes it a necessary film for all Singaporeans. We hear buskers, street vendors, school cheerleaders and other characters sing hymns to themselves and to their communities. From these vocabularies (including Arabic and Latin) and images, a sense of what it might mean to be a modern Singaporean emerges. "GaGa" means being crazy over something in English, anger in Malay and a yearning for a time past (as in Queen's Radio GaGa) - all emotions which find expression in Singapore GaGa.
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