First film - Pre-Production 2015

The reality of the Chilean countryside in the beginning of 1900, through the eyes of Roberto, a young boy who manages to change the course of his fate and leave behind a world of misery, marginalization and cruelty, thanks to literature.

    • Year of production
    • 2015
    • Genres
    • First film, Drama, Historical
    • Countries
    • CHILE
    • Languages
    • Budget
    • 1 - 3 M$
    • Duration
    • 90 mn
    • Synopsis
    • In the Rancagua of the 20s, ROBERTO (10) lives in the suburbs with his Mother and his four siblings; his father has abandoned the family at an early stage. Destitution and poverty abounds in the place, which is surrounded by tenements of sadness and extreme disappointment. It’s also the place where a brothel run by THE PRETTY OLD LADY (50) is located: “The house of the blue lantern”, where, since a very young age, Roberto spends most of his time helping and being a companion to its prostitutes. It’s here, and in the dirt roads where he plays, that he becomes aware of the lowest and most unworthy vices of men, but also where he discovers the strength and pure love that hides inside every human being. In this context and through his child view, he acquires a role model, “THE GOLDEN TOOTH” (38), an elegant male, neckerchief and courageous behavior. He wants to be like him. All of this pessimistic, corroded and crushing view makes him want to be an adult soon who drinks cheap wine and possesses women as he pleases, just like “The Golden Tooth”. He even loses his chastity in a suspicious and hidden way with ROSA HORTENSIA (35), a prostitute from the “House of the blue lantern”. Nevertheless his childhood wins over his desire for misunderstood greatness. He learns to read and from that moment on he discovers the other worlds far from the suburbs, worlds of children stories and the “Holy Story”. Then his whishes change. One day he walks into town, running an errand, he manages to see an enameled sign that reads “Library”. After thinking carefully about it he makes up his mind and, filled with fears, he decides to go look for one of those precious books that people come out carrying. Through the librarian a distant uncle, ANTONIO (60), offers the family to take care of Roberto’s school and “formal” education. His mother accepts and from that moment forward Roberto starts his true growth, the one that leads him to be the first in his class, the one that leads him to have his first real and pure love that later betrays him irredeemably, the growth that he always wanted to achieve. The family moves because of work, this way breaking the viscous circle. In the car, loaded with his little belongings, Roberto starts breaking the threads that once tied and blinded him, one after the other, shedding his last tears as a child.
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