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Drama - Completed 2007

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    • 2007
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    • Drama
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    • Tanuj Anawaratne and Yolanda Weerasinghe's debut direction and production Nisala Gira (Silent Honour), is a story of a woman who became a victim of drugs and her own fate. Playing the lead, internationally acclaimed actress Nita Fernando acts multiple roles as a wife of a politician, a loving mother who has to bear the tragic death of her son, drug addict, a prisoner and a courageous mother with a parentless child.
      The film portrays the reality of prison life the pathetic plight of women prisoners. Thematically Nisala Gira' would be a novel cinematic experience for the Sri Lankan film audience as it focuses on drug addiction by women, drug trafficking by the upper class in society and prison life of women which are hardly highlighted in our cinema. Specially the scenes in the prison which was filmed in the Bogambara and Welikada prisons themselves are true to life. Adding to this is the group of young actresses namely Kanchana Mendis, Damitha Abeyratne, Jayani Senanayaka, Nimmi Harasgama along with experienced Chandra Kaluarachchi whose acting make us open our eyes to those in prisons and innocent children who share the fate of their mothers.
      Though it is hard to find a politician of the calibre of Saliya (Ravindra Randeniya) who genuinely fights against the drug mafia and pays with his own child, Nisala Gira invites all those in authority to voice against the drug menace.
      It is noteworthy that the young director Tanuj Anawaratne, who earlier assisted Asoka Handagama in his two films 'Flying with one wing' (2002) and 'Letter of Fire' (2006) and also won the Best Director and Best Scriptwriter of Youth Drama Festival in 1994 and 1997 has brought much promise with his first maiden attempt at cinema.
      The others in the cast are Iranganie Serasinghe, Angela Seneviratne, Saumya Liyanage Sharon Riemers Wichintha Ilangakoon, Pansilu Sannasgala, Sasindi Senanayake and Fathima Rasheecla. Nisala Gira is a moving portrait of a woman (Radha). Her life was changed by one swift, unexpected' stroke of fate... the tragic murder of her only child (Arjuna who would have been a world famous concert pianist) by underworld drug barons. She loses all that she holds dear... torn by grief in a hidden web of drugs.
      We see her painful yet exhilarating journey.., she becomes a pawn in an international drug cartel.., betrayed by her own innocence and imprisoned framed by ruthless close family friend Cynthia Nelson a woman of independence and success and ambiguity of character... a socialite who has connection with the international mafia. Her only daughter Nicola Nelson beautiful.., sensuous, rich and famous young woman... an ecstasy addict dealer. Marko Richards Casanova drug peddler is handsome... persuasive and daring, destroys everything that Radha values in life... gets closer to Radha.
      Radha has to kill her past before she transcends the obstacles in her inner transformation of the mythic journey.., and deal with her incorruptible politician husband (Saliya) and his vendetta against the underworld drug kings. Abandoned by the man she loves Radha gives birth to her daughter Devindi (born a little criminal without a crime) in Prison. She has to rebuild her life as she believes in Rebirth.
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