Animation - Development 2016

The deaf and hearing community is at war in the kingdom of Azuria, the birth of the deaf prince, Sirhaan threatens the stability of the Hearing Kingdom. Ambassador Fox keeps him captivity because of the special powers he holds from his rare deaf Waardenburg dynasty.

    • Year of production
    • 2016
    • Genres
    • Animation, Thriller, Drama
    • Countries
    • Synopsis
    • Ambassador Fox is creating the perfect kingdom where only perfect people live there is no disability in the kingdom to be found. Confident that deafness has been wiped out his peace is shattered when the reigning queen gives birth to a deaf prince, Sirhaan who is also born with the Waardenburg syndrome. The syndrome carriers are characterised by their sparkling blue eyes, streak of white hair and wolf like features but that’s not all. They also possess special powers that fox is desperate to acquire.
      Sirhaan’s father rejects him at birth so Fox takes him into captivity while he gets his team of scientists to unlock the power of his syndrome so that he too can have access to it. The prince also has four deaf super powers that are assigned as his protectors except they cannot find him. The queen also gives birth to a Waardenburg girl, Keane who she has removed from the kingdom to live in a loving environment with a trusted aide, Norman. Keane is a born leader and once she discovers more about her deaf identity and heritage she blooms irrespective of the limitations society places on disability, race or gender.
      Throughout Sirhaan and Keanes journey they are being protected by the four deaf super powers who are vessels that contain the powers that will be handed to one who needs them the most out of the two. The powers derive from the remaining four senses that have become heightened in the absence of hearing.
      So we have Aella, her power is vision and we have Handler, his power is touch and they have the elements of earth and water at their disposal. Fire and Air are attributed to Vibe his power is taste and Cherugi she uses the power scents, due to their elements these two are the most volatile.