Action/Adventure - Development 2015

During Halloween, an aspiring young filmmaker gathers his friends to shoot a low budget horror movie, but finds himself in encounters with real ghosts and possessed actors.

    • Year of production
    • 2015
    • Genres
    • Action/Adventure, Children's, Fantasy
    • Countries
    • SWEDEN
    • Languages
    • Budget
    • 1 - 3 M$
    • Writer(s)
    • Lars NORBERG, Tomas AMLÖV
    • Synopsis
    • JOE is a 12 year old aspiring filmmaker, haunted by the fact that he never manages to complete any of his movies. This Halloween, he gathers all the kids dressed up for trick or treating, borrows his dad’s old video camera, and heads for the abandon house on the hill. On the way over they run into the has-been-movie-star, MILLER MOORE, and convince him to star in their movie.
      On set Miller meets with an accident and is knocked out temporarily. When he comes to his behavior is different. Joe’s best friend CARL, who has a special interest for the supernatural, is convinced that the location is haunted by ghosts. One of the kids also tells a story about another movie that was shot on this very locations, years ago - that was never completed because all crew members was found dead. Joe's little sister, DIANA, who acts as producer and assistant director, thinks that they are all wimps and tells them that the show must go on - and so it does...
      More strange events occur. Miller suggests a lot of weird changes to Joe, who is so star struck he agrees to them all. Miller then starts to fall into a zombie-like state of mind and worms start to come out of his skin. Carl finds an old betamax-player with scenes from the old movie that was shot here years ago, the one were all crew members were killed. Carl realizes that Miller must be possessed by the same ghost that haunted that movie - and that all changes he suggests is some sort of ritual that will bring the old film crew back from the dead.
      Carl is really excited about an actual living ghost. He convinces Joe that this must be used in the film – and Joe manages to complete his first movie. It may not the low budget horror feature he intended - but a documentary featuring real ghosts isn’t bad either.
    • Beginning of shooting
    • Jun 01, 2015