By David RAY


Comedy - Development 2012

A coming of middle-age story about a married man who decides to live with reckless abandon only to get washed out at sea. Peter must conjure up his inner swashbuckling pirate to get back home and claim the treasure he truly longs for while battling a terrible case of blue balls.

    • Year of production
    • 2012
    • Genres
    • Comedy
    • Countries
    • CANADA
    • Languages
    • Budget
    • 1 - 3 M$
    • Duration
    • 90 mn
    • Director(s)
    • David RAY
    • Writer(s)
    • David RAY
    • Producer(s)
    • Michel SHANE (Handpicked Films), Carolyn ALLAIN, Jeff RENFROE
    • Synopsis
    • Our hero, PETER ROSE is bored at home and at work, wondering where all the years have gone. Once upon a time he might have been handsome, but now his charm has receded alongside his hairline and his sex life. In short, PETER is a
      regular guy and is having a midlife crisis. He is everyman, but the only problem is that stepping through the looking glass to fulfill his desires ends up being a little more than whathe bargained for.
      After being caught in a compromising moment with the babysitter, he ends up spiraling out of control in a series of sexual miscapades. But as Peter tries to hopelessly extricate himself from each ridiculous situation, he somehow manages to dig himself deeper in. What was once a family man who pined after
      his college days succumbs to primal forces best kept at bay.
      But throughout the hilarious ordeal that brings to life every fantasy he ever wished for each step surprisingly returns him back to the cherished life he left behind.
    • Partners & financing
    • Financing: All Canada
      Pay East, Astral Media Broadcast License $ 90,000.00
      Pay West, Corus Ent Broadcast License $ 87,500.00
      Distribution CND Minimum Guarantee $ 50,000.00
      Film Incentive B.C. Provincial Tax Credit $215,000.00
      CAVCO Federal Tax Credit $110,000.00
      No recoupment, straight licensing, and gov’t incentives
      Missing investment that can be equity, debt & pre-sales $760,000
    • Beginning of shooting
    • Sep 01, 2012
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