Drama - Completed 2015

Petros is seeking the changing faces of love in multicultural Athens. A series of events and a social wallpaper of people he meets are meant to challenge his way of thinking and lead him to painful conclusions about the notions of love, money, gain and God.

    • Year of production
    • 2015
    • Genres
    • Drama, LGBT
    • Countries
    • GREECE
    • Languages
    • Duration
    • 105 mn
    • Director(s)
    • Christos VOUPOURAS
    • Synopsis
    • Petros, 45, an office archaeologist, visits the ancient theatre of Argos on official duties. In the afternoon he attends by accident an Arab marriage celebration. There he meets Husam, a 25-year old Arab, and he spends the night with him.
      Next day he goes back to Athens, where he has been helping a music trio organize a concert. Laertes and Migen are both Albanians, while Alexandra is Greek. They meet frequently and one evening Alexandra confides in Petros her love for Laertes.
      New Year’s Eve and Petros spends it with his young friends in Alexandra’s new apartment. The New Year’s Eve party comes to an abrupt end when Alexandra’s alcoholic mother collapses. Laertes, Migen and Petros go for a drink and Petros discovers that these two are having an affair, which they keep secret from Alexandra.
      It’s almost daybreak when Petros goes back home. Waiting for him on the doorstep is Husam. They spend the rest of the night together and, on the next day, Husam tells him that he will never come back.
      But Husam hasn’t said his last word. One day, he appears at Petros’ doorstep together with all his belongings and announces that he can’t live without him. Soon Husam becomes firmly established and tells Petros he has found an evening job in a liquor store.
      The trio’s rehearsals are getting more and more intensive. One evening, while Petros and Husam are sitting in an Arab café, they meet Daneel, a bank manager. The truth is revealed: Daneel is one of Husam’s clients; Husam never did get a job in a liquor store; instead, he has been bestowing “personal” services to Daneel.
      Petros asks Husam to find himself another place to stay. Husam states that he shall present Petros with actual proof of his love.
      Petros visits Daneel’s house and, while he is there, two young American missionaries knock on the door. Daneel sends them away, but not before inviting one of them over for the next day.
      To prove his contriteness, Husam announces to Petros that he has got a job at a clothes’ business. The “decent money” is just another of Husam’s schemes. Coincidentally, Petros finds out that Husam has been stealing from him.
      The day of the concert is near. During one rehearsal Petros keeps receiving calls from Daneel on his mobile phone. He decides to go to Daneel’s place. There, he is let in by the young missionary, who is in a state of trance, reciting the Apocalypse passage of the seven wraths. Petros rushes to the bedroom and finds Daneel murdered.
      This unexpected turn forces Petros to recompose himself and take action. He demands that Husam leaves. The young Arab goes away and Petros stays at home refusing to open his door even to Alexandra, who slips an affectionate note under his door.
      Laertes and Migen leave suddenly to Albania just a few days before the concert. Alexandra is devastated. Petros visits her and her mother, who is taking care of her. Alexandra tells him that he betrayed her by not telling her the truth about the affair between Laertes and Migen and sends him away.
      It is Sunday, flea-market day. Petros wanders among the mer- chandise laden stands of the vendors. He stops at a stand and asks for a cup of tea. The seller is Husam; he hands him thetea. Petros, after an insistent and examining look, asks for the price.