Drama - Development 2015

Samantha arrives in Ruby Antler a rogue cop on the run from the law. Wanting to pay attention to anything other than herself, she fixates on a string of suspicious deaths, not realizing that Sam, her new AA sponsor turned casual lover, is the serial killer.

    • Year of production
    • 2015
    • Genres
    • Drama, Crime, Thriller
    • Countries
    • CANADA
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    • Synopsis
    • Running from the law, from her family and from something sick deep within her, Samantha (30’s) arrives in the tiny snowbound town of Ruby Antler. She shacks up in a dilapidated rental house, ditches her police detective badge under the bed and picks up a bottle of Jack Daniels.

      On the mountain, Samuel (30’s) digs a deep hole in the snow. Later he sits cross-legged, staring blankly at a man buried in the hole. Samuel silently waits for the man to freeze to death, ignoring his desperate pleas, then grabs his skis and races down the slope towards the lights of town.

      Drunk and high, Samantha stumbles into the only AA meeting Ruby Antler has. There she sees a mixed bag of colorful townsfolk, each at a different stage of their sobriety, before spotting, and locking eyes with, Samuel.

      Samantha’s coping mechanisms are alcohol, drugs and sex. And right now she has to cope. It isn’t long before the two SAMs are trying to fuck away their problems.

      Samantha can’t face the mess she’s made of her life; her affair with her married partner, the damage that caused both their families, and that she accidentally killed her partner during a stakeout. Conversely, Samuel can’t tell her that ritualistic killing has taken the place of his drinking.

      They lie to each other about working a recovery program, while both of them are fully focused on the frozen bodies on the mountain. Samantha’s obsessive investigation leads her to the hidden layers of the small community’s funky inhabitants, starting with the antlers-on-the-pickup-truck redneck meth dealers, to the llama breeding, hippy-dippy commune dwellers with a large pot growing operation, all the way to the pillar of the community who secretly runs an underage S&M dungeon. Her investigation goes completely sideways when she realizes all the clues point to one person – Sam.
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