Drama - Pre-Production 2008

A forensic psychologist investigates the savage mass murder of a group of parents and
the kidnapping of their children in Homeland, a protected, luxurious compound, to which
all Americans could aspire.

    • Year of production
    • 2008
    • Genres
    • Drama, Thriller, Action/Adventure
    • Countries
    • Unknown
    • Languages
    • Synopsis
    • RUNNING WILD — Treatment
      Homeland was a model community. Cut off from the outside world in a protected,
      luxurious compound, ten families and their domestic staff were—for a while at least—
      living out an idyllic fantasy.
      The brutal mass-murder of the entire adult population—thirty-two parents stabbed, shot,
      and bludgeoned to death—and the kidnapping of all of the children, has put an abrupt and
      violent end to the dream of Homeland. There are no suspects and no real clues.
      When retired forensic psychologist, REMINGTON, is called in by rookie FBI agent
      KAREN KAPLAN, he knows it means the police have run out of ideas. He is the last
      resort in any investigation.
      Remington moves in to the now deserted community. He imagines the lives of the
      residents, even reenacting some of their movements. The children were being brought up
      to believe they could be the best at everything. He meets their teacher, MISS NIXON.
      She claims to have no idea why this has happened, but Remington senses she is hiding
      something. She belongs to a religious cult, The Camino Real Church of the Risen Christ
      of California, which she insists is primarily an aid organization. Nixon ‘left her job’ the
      day before the slaughter, which arouses Remington’s suspicions.
      Remington also uncovers evidence that one of the Homeland girls, JESSICA, died prior
      to the murders, in a flying accident.
      One of the kidnapped children mysteriously turns up on an isolated highway. MARY has
      escaped her captors, but is in shock and unable to explain what has happened to her. She
      is placed in a secret, secure hospital room, and Remington is able to get her to open up to
      him after he shares with her parts of his own story; Remington’s wife and son were killed
      in a car accident, but for Mary’s benefit, he pretends the boy is still alive.
      During these interviews Mary reveals how competitive the Homeland kids were. They
      have been taught that coming first is all that counts, that anything is possible, and that no
      harm can come to them. They were under extreme pressure to perform. Mary says that
      members of the community have been witnessed ‘walking on water’, and demonstrated
      other supernatural abilities. Is this yet another “skill” parents expected of their children?
      At the headquarters of the Church of Risen Christ, Remington finds sick children being
      cared for by Miss Nixon. Remington senses they are being watched. Remington tells
      Kaplan he thinks the children were “used” by a cult, along the lines of Jonestown. The
      massacre has all the hallmarks of a cult killing. Exploring the Homeland campus,
      Remington takes a step onto the lake to see if one really can “walk on water.” He
      discovers a platform just below the surface. This walkway takes him to a Mausoleum
      where he finds a coffin. Inside is the body of Jessica, the girl who died in the flying
      In Jessica’s hand is a video. On the tape are several children talking to the camera about
      how Homeland created “human robots,” meant to be perfect. Yet, the reality, they claim,
      is very different: they believe that parents “fuck your body, fuck your mind and fuck your
      soul.” It becomes clear that they despised their parents and felt that they had been used in
      a social experiment.
      Remington reconstructs the crimes. He explains to Kaplan that it was the kids themselves
      who carried out the massacre. The killings are now shown in flashback: a series of brutal,
      horrific murders by the cold, emotionless children. Their act complete, they went into
      The FBI doesn’t believe it. Remington revisits Mary to get some answers from her. But
      when he gets to the hospital, the press have found her out and descended en masse. As
      Remington is talking to Mary, a gang of armed, masked attackers arrives. They kill the
      hospital staff and shoot at Remington, wounding him. They escape taking Mary with
      them. Still, the FBI rejects Remington’s claims that the kids could be responsible for all
      of this.
      News comes of the torching of the Church of Risen Christ. Nixon and the other cult
      members have been immolated, and the Homeland kids have escaped. The Homeland
      kids hold a press conference where they declare that they have undergone hideous abuse
      at the hands of the cult. Everyone wants to believe them. No one suspects the truth.
      Remington has lost. The psychopathic children have won. But what if Mary is still alive?
      On a hunch at cult headquarters he discovers a trapdoor that leads to the forest where
      Mary is hiding. Nixon saved her life. Remington returns with her to the press conference.
      Perhaps now there will be some answers.