Crime - Pre-Production 2016

Life inside the drug world which thrives off "corruption, deception, and inequities of all kinds...

    • Year of production
    • 2016
    • Genres
    • Crime, Action/Adventure, Thriller
    • Countries
    • Languages
    • Budget
    • 10 - 25 M$
    • Writer(s)
    • John A. ANDREWS
    • Producer(s)
    • John ANDREWS (A L I Pictures), Steven ISTOCK (California Pictures)
    • Synopsis

    • (Rude Bwoy) James Bond meets Traffic and Jason Bourne with Charlie’s Angels - Gone Bad.

      What if a greed-driven fiasco baits an agent back to his roots, where, like a tattoo his past haunts him as he struggles to save his country from the tyranny of a viscous Drug Cartel?

      Teaser: Drugs gone bad create a stand-off in Bogotá between six members of the Dragon Cartel. The rivalry lures three of them, who are la femme fetal drug runners to Jamaica. All the while children caught up in the drug epidemic are dying off like flies.

      Act I
      • Kids collapse like flies in Jamaica during a lunchroom melee. A calamity lit and fueled after their malicious use of cyanide-laced drugs. The milieu becomes banal and convoluted with cries, sirens and the arriving as well as waiting for idle ambulances. School teachers, security guards, neighbors, parents and paramedics oblivious to the cause, struggle to find answers…asking themselves –“What caused this tragedy?”

      • Rude Buay, an ex-con from the Jamaica, cleaned up his act and emerged as Miami’s top agent. Now he’s every man’s idol and every woman’s fantasy. The three female drug runners in the core of the deal, take their drugs to his neighborhood and suffer the consequences of his secret agent street style of justice and consequently wind up in a Miami prison.

      • Trailing their origin, Rude Buay, and his agents wind up in Jamaica. Restoring order becomes futile as Drug Lord Axel James, the imprisoned catalyst of the Cartel, breaks out of prison, and with the aid of his clique, viciously embarrassingly manhandle Rude Buay and his agents, before fleeing and setting up shop in another remote city. Before stocking the shelves, they kidnap five top government officials.

      • Meanwhile, the teen death toll climbs and locals exercise their vendetta with the returnee.

      Act II
      • The Cartel breaks the three Drug Ladies out of Miami prison. Hot on Rude Buay’s trail, these three femme fatales pounce like tigers and take his underling Miami agent “Heidi Hudson” captive.
      • Rude Buay follows a trail and later teams up in Jamaica with former spy agent Walter Banks. Along with Banks, comes his sidekick, sexy, sophisticated Jamaican agent Mildred Simms, who in time develops an insatiable crush on Rude Buay. Tamara Ross, the physician in charge of theses ill-fated kids and a former fling of his wouldn’t allow these two magnets to come together and vice versa, Mildred wouldn’t, and almost goes the distance…

      • Drugs, weapons, money, Hotties, MPs, drug runners, and dead bodies are turning up everywhere as the manhunt for the missing government officials and menacing drug dealers go into overdrive.

      • Suddenly, Rude Buay loses Banks to gun-shot wounds and he is subsequently captured by the Cartel. A crimp in his style, while in the midst of uncovering a barrage of deception, duplicity and deceit instigated by his hierarchy – Special Agent Mendez. Captured by the Drug Lords, he cunningly escapes, only to be recaptured by the three r