By Bartolomeo PAMPALONI


First film - Completed 2014

Roma Termini, Rome’s central station: a urban crossroad where thousands of lives collide without touching each other. Four portraits of men who spend their day in the station, solitary unseen beings, trapped there by life.

& Awards

Rome FF 2014
Prospettive Italia - Special Mention
Guadalajara FICG 2015
Documental Internacional
Visioni Italiane 2015
First Prize
    • Year of production
    • 2014
    • Genres
    • First film, Documentary
    • Countries
    • Languages
    • Budget
    • 0 - 0.3 M$
    • Duration
    • 78 mn
    • Director(s)
    • Bartolomeo PAMPALONI
    • Synopsis
    • Termini station is Rome central station, where everyday thousands of people pass by, leave, arrive, wait, run: it is a modern sea dock in the middle of the cement, where faraway destinies meet for a moment and then separate again. Among all these passing people, hidden by the crowd, there’s a bunch of men and women for whom the station is not a middle point of passing, but it’s a place to live. A huge impersonal house that protects them from the cold and helps them to find a way of living with nothing. They are long time homeless, alcoholics, drug-addicts, prostitutes, protectors, old transsexuals, handicapped, fools, immigrants, clients. Among all these persons four stories arise, unfolding little by little from the background scenery of the station.
      The story of Gianluca, a 50 yo man, a robber, that came to Rome escaping from Milan where, after the prison, he was no long well accepted among the people he used to be friend with. After a life lived to the maximum, with money, cars, women, cocaine and clubs, now he’s completely broke, sleeping in some social center for homeless, trying to get along with the most people as possible, always on the edge of depression.
      The story of Angelo, a 60 yo man who looks like a 75yo one, with a long beard, blue eyes, that stand since 40 years down the steps of the Santa Maria Maggiore Church, 100 meters from the station, asking for the protection of Jesus and the Virgin Mary. He doesn’t move, just to go to the toilet in the supermarket nearby and drinks his cheap wine. He says he’s been in the French Foreign Legion, a soldier in Congo, where he spread too much blood and now just want to forget. But little by little we discover that his pain comes from a more intimate place –he being the son of a gipsy man and an italian woman, that, apparently, abused him at the age of 16. From that moment he could never find rest and peace.
      The story of Stefano, 40 yo, who used to work as a nurse and, since he lost his job some months ago, is now begging at the station to find money to pay the rent of his small apartment, the last thing that separates him from the street life. He left his family for a love story with a young boy, that he now meets in his own apartment. But the guy, for which Stefano represents a father, a mentor, doesn’t want to admit to himself his own homosexuality and can’t bear Stefano’s alcoholic behaviour, so he keeps beating him while looking for protection, love and sex.
      Then there’s Tonino, a 48 yo man, escaped from his rich and closed minded family in Sicily, after graduating as a computer engineer. Now that his wife left him and he lost his work as a security agent, he’s in the street, with no money. He’s victim of a chronic depression and now that he was thrown out of the homeless shelter he fell again into a deep and strong depression and thinks about suicide. But something’s going to change for him…
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