By Byamba SAKHYA


Drama - Completed 2012

From the steppes to Ulan Bator, the story of Tsog, a runaway boy who manages to reach his dreamt-world and master his harsh environment with the help of a remote control.

    • Year of production
    • 2012
    • Genres
    • Drama
    • Countries
    • Languages
    • Director(s)
    • Byamba SAKHYA
    • Synopsis
    • Tsog’s family is now living in a small village near Ulan Bator. Tsog and his little brother, Tulga, are growing up in a love-less home with a bitter stepmother and a drunken father. His only survival is to retreat inside his imaginary world where freedom and harmony exist and he thus constantly draws pictures and animated sequences on his notebooks. Meanwhile, to support his family, he resells the neighbor’s milk in the city.
      After another senseless fight between his parents, Tsog flees away and settles on the rooftop of building in Ulan Bator suburbs. But this freedom does not exclude his need for real human relationships and he therefore steals a pair of binoculars and holds silent dialogues with windows across his little hideaway. He finds joy and pleasure in observing other people’s lives.
      But what begins as an innocent game turns gradually into obsession and Tsog starts focusing on a beautiful young woman, Anu, living opposite his little nest. Just like Tsog, she seems to be longing for affection and care, wandering through memories and dreaming of future happiness. These similarities between their souls create strong upheavals in Tsog inner world – and even new fantasies. He will finally be brought back to reality when Jagaa, a young thief from his village, starts to involve him in his petty crimes.
      During a burglary, Tsog only steals a remote control, and with it he starts to switch channels on Anu’s TV. Once having this little taste of power he throws himself in a delusional power trip, trying to manipulate the lives he sees through the windows in front of his rooftop.
      This illusion of power vanishes when reality caught him back with Jagaa telling him about the neighbors in the village threatening to send the police after Him. Jagaa also warns him that his little brother plans to escape from the village. Tsog takes a last trip home to give all his drawings to his brother, and to convince him not to follow him.
      Meanwhile, Tsog’s attempt to rule Anu’s feeling collapses as a man appears in her apartment. His first reaction is to take revenge on the couple and he therefore hints to Jagaa that Anu’s apartment is prime for robbery; but he will, out of compassion, finally decide to face his emotions and saves Anu’s flat from Jagaa, using the remote control for the last time. Just before liberating himself from the painful experience of his unachieved love by dropping the remote control from the rooftop.
      Ten years later, in the steppes of Mongolia, a grown up Tsog is crossing the path of Anu and her children, they still do not meet, but their past echoes.