By Dominic LECLERC


Social issues - Completed 2009

Daz is looking for love. Saleem is looking for sex. Cruising at an underground archway, these two worlds collide. Back at Daz' bedsit, Saleem embarks on a dangerous, thrilling sexual adventure.

& Awards

BFI London Lesbian & Gay 2010
Bradford International Film Festival 2010
Palm Spring Fest. 2010
    • Year of production
    • 2009
    • Genres
    • Social issues, LGBT, Drama
    • Countries
    • Director(s)
    • Dominic LECLERC
    • Writer(s)
    • Dominic LECLERC
    • Producer(s)
    • Diane WHITLEY
    • Synopsis
    • Saleem (19 year old, middle class Muslim) leaves the university library, heading into town to get the bus home. At his bus-stop, he sees Daz (18 year old working-class white lad) across the road, leaning against an archway. Saleem is attracted to him. Their eyes meet. Nervously, Saleem looks away. When he looks back he sees Daz heading down the archway. His heart racing, Saleem decides to follow him. Inside the tunnel, Daz is waiting for him. They go to a quiet, dark alleyway. Daz tries to kiss Saleem, but Saleem (having never touched a man before, he is a virgin) refuses. Unbuckling Saleem’s belt, Daz kisses his stomach. Hearing a sound, Saleem runs way, leaving his bag. Daz races after him down a street, to return his bag. Saleem is nervous about being seen with Daz in public, and is thrown by Daz’s easy confidence. Daz suggests going for a drink, and gives Saleem his number. Saleem races off into the night. Stopping suddenly, Saleem sees a straight couple kissing passionately in the centre of the city. Confused by his own feelings, he heads home.

      Arriving at his suburban, middle-class home, Saleem stops outside the living room window and looks inside. He sees his mother, father and sister chatting happily. He suddenly feels the scrunched up piece of paper with Daz’s number on it in his pocket. Looking at it, he decides to call him.

      Saleem arrives at Daz’s rough block of council flats. Daz is waiting for him outside. They smile at each other, but a group of Daz’s mates suddenly break the moment, by exiting the flats, laughing and joking. Daz says he’ll see them later at the pub, then quickly takes Saleem into his flat, keen not to be seen by any of his mates. Inside the hallway, Saleem and Daz stand close. Daz can tell it is Saleem’s first time – Saleem is awkward and unsure what to say. Having been led into the bedroom, Saleem notices how different Daz’s life is to his. Sitting close on the bed, Saleem asks Daz to kiss him, but is suddenly overwhelmed by a rush of feelings. Daz, turned on by this, takes control. He tells Saleem to cover his face with his T-shirt, and proceeds to caress his chest. Undressed on the bed, their intimacy moves from nervous, anticipatory glances, to caressing as Daz guides Saleem’s hands over the contours of his body, to full on fucking. Saleem goes through an extraordinary range of feelings. Sharing a joke post-sex they fall asleep in each other’s arms. Whilst Saleem sleeps, Daz looks through his wallet. We think he is going to steal his money, but instead discovers his Student Card, and learns Saleem’s name for the first time. Daz cradles the sleeping Saleem.

      In the morning, confused and ashamed, Saleem is pulling his clothes on. Daz says he would like to see him again. Saleem says it wouldn’t work and that he doesn’t want him. He races out of the flat. Watching as Saleem walks away, Daz whispers for him to turn around. Stopping suddenly, Saleem turns and smiles at Daz, before continuing on his way.