Animation - Development 2016

    • Year of production
    • 2016
    • Genres
    • Animation, Musical, Family
    • Countries
    • Languages
    • Budget
    • 3 - 5 M$
    • Duration
    • 80 mn
    • Director(s)
    • Maremi WATANABE
    • Writer(s)
    • Janne VIERTH
    • Producer(s)
    • Synopsis
    • The young princess IROENA lives in a colourful world. Her parents love her and each other.
      When her mother dies in an attempt to fly out into space, the King is hit with a sorrow so deep that it literarily rips the heart out of his body. A small hole opens in his chest and a dark shadow moves into his body. He forbids all colours, all music and all joy. Blinded by sorrow, he no longer sees his daughter.
      Iroena grows up. The world is drenched in black ink.
      Iroena uses her technical talent trying making an artificial heart for her father. But all her attempts fail. The hearts she makes seem to work, but no.
      During her experiments she create a mechanical squirrel, DEN, who becomes her friend.
      Iroena discovers that her father keeps a room with her mother’s things and a colourful portrait of the Queen. From her hiding place she sees her father crying and singing about her love for his wife. The King finds Iroena and it looks as if they will re-unite. His eyes turn black, and he sends her to summer castle where a strict governess will turn her into a stern queen. But the governess takes a liking to the intelligent girl and she helps her to perfect the mechanical heart. But it still won’t beat on its own.
      During walk by the woods Iroena sees a boy among the trees. As soon as the boy understands that she’s seen him he disappears.
      She sneaks out of the castle. Den and Iroena find the boy in a glen. He has taken his hood off, exposing his bright red hair. He is singing and when he sings clouds and dashes of colour fly around him. He discovers her and runs, dropping the green melon-sized metal pod he has with him. Iroena follows him. Then a blizzard starts and soon Iroena is covered in snow.
      She wakes up in a cosy cabin. An old woman lives here together with the boy. Iroena thinks that the woman is the boy’s mother. He explains that his power of singing colours has been growing and finally the woman told him that she found him in the green pod after she saw a shooting star. He doesn’t know where he is from. Iroena thinks that it has to have something to do with the pod. The two children become friends.
      When the snowstorm is over Iroena decides to sneak back to the summer castle so that the guards that will be looking for her wont find Mominokki and his “mother”.
      Mominokki has followed her. He climbs into her room and accuses her of being a spy for the King. Iroena manages to convince him of her good intentions. They examine the pod. It lights up in a pattern when he sings. Iroena follows the pattern with her finger and then it’s dead. Guards burst in. They seize Mominokki and the pod. He is taken and Iroena is taken back to her father.
      But the pod turns out to be beacon and a spaceship in the shape of a Christmas tree land by the prison. Aliens with bright red hair swarm out. They crown Mominokki as their king and together with him and the prisoners they march for the city and singing rebellion. Guards and people join.
      But the King is ready. He has captured Mominokkis mother and threatens to drown her in black ink if Mominokki doesn’t stop singing. But the King drones the old woman anyway. Iroena throws herself over her father, pushing the synthetic heart into his chest. The black shadow is pushed out. The king looks up at his daughter with love. And dies.
      Iroena cries, singing the song that the King sang in front of the portrait of the Queen. One of her tears falls in to his open chest. And the heart starts beating. A tear of love was the missing ingredient.
      The black shadow takes a final stand, but Mominokki, the Christmas people and the people of the kingdom sing so that the shadow explodes in a rain of colours.
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