Action/Adventure - Development 2011

    • Year of production
    • 2011
    • Genres
    • Action/Adventure
    • Countries
    • Languages
    • Budget
    • 10 - 25 M$
    • Writer(s)
    • Antton LOTVONEN
    • Synopsis
    • Prayers of Men
      In the first years of the 1900's, two young archeologists uncover a tomb of a French Knight from the
      crusades. Buried with him is a fading parchment that speaks of gold from the Holy Land and a
      single herb clutched in his hands. As the first World War swallows Europe, the two men and the
      parchment go missing.
      Widowed CIA-agent working in the present day middle-east, Elijah Hammond, is a hollow shell of
      a man after the death of his wife and child in a terrorist attack. Wasting his days in a desk job at the
      American consulate in Turkey, Elijah has lost everything in a single flash three years ago –
      including his faith.
      When a Russian archeologist, Valentin Gluschkoff, is found wounded in the outskirts between the
      city and the distant mountains dividing Turkey and Iran, Elijah is tasked to finding out who the
      mysterious stranger is and what he was doing in the wilds.
      Meanwhile, Elijah's former partner, Andreas Berg, intercepts a strange transmission. Russian radio
      chatter over an excavation in the mountains not far from Elijah. Searching for something code
      named The Gold of Havilah, the Russians present a dangerous scenario envisioned by the American
      government. Should a discovery of gold be made by any party in the world, the already unstable
      value of the one last commodity outside of natural resources would topple, leaving America
      crippled and at the mercy of the Russian economy – fueled by their plentiful resources of natural
      gas and minerals. Andreas travels to Turkey to investigate.
      As Elijah and Valentin form a tenuous friendship, Valentin begins to tell the story of why he is in
      the country. Describing the hundred year search for the last great religious artefact left hidden in the
      world, Noah's Ark, Valentin shines a light on years of bloodshed and secret warfare that has left
      countless bodies in the wake of a crusade that still rages on. The ark, it is believed, once was home
      to the last survivors of humanity. Today it would be a shining beacon of hope and a connection to
      the divine.
      But as one persons God is anothers Devil, the ark could ignite wars of faith all around the world,
      raising the question; should the greatest treasure of humanity's past be ever uncovered?
      Valentin has followed the charismatic leader of the Russian excavation unit, Christoph Frahl, to the
      mountains where the ark is said to have washed ashore when the waters receded. But Frahl is not
      searching the ark for humanitarian reasons, whatever the Gold of Havilah is he plans to use it for his
      own means to shape the world into a new one.
      As Andreas reaches the country, Valentin's life comes under threat. Christophs men track him down
      and in a furious chase across the city, where Elijah and Andreas use their skills and past history to
      avoid their opposers, Valentin is protected by the two men brought together on a quest that neither
      can fully believe nor question. Eventually cornered and defeated, Valentin is forced to follow his
      captors back to the mountain to finish the excavation.
      Elijah begins to rediscover the faith within him and with the help of Andreas sets out to save
      The story reaches it's climax in a showdown at the top of Mount. Ararat, the holy mountain that the
      Bible speaks of as the final resting place of the ark. But as the men discover the tomb there is one
      final revelation to be heard; the Gold of Havilah is not material wealth, but herbs from the Garden
      of Eden, handed down to Noah in order to sustain himself and his family during the flood. Granting
      whoever eats them a lifespan of a thousand years.
      Frahl reveals himself as one of the young men who discovered the tomb over a hundred years ago.
      Having survived through the years of warfare and turmoil that the world has seen, Frahl dedicated
      his life to finding the ark and the remaining herbs. Believing himself to be a new Noah, chosen by
      faith and God to lead the people he deems worthy into a new age by outliving the world. As the ark
      would be revealed the world would surely engulf itself in warfare that left only those who had eaten
      the Gold alive. Ready to build a new world in their chosen image.
      Elijah and Andreas have to make a choice; hide the ark from the world, knowing that the connection
      between the divine and man is real, or risk worldwide conflict in revealing the truth. As Elijah
      attempts to stop Frahl from escaping with the herbs, he is mortally wounded by Frahl. Giving
      Andreas the chance of saving his friend through the power of the herbs, Frahl attempts to convince
      him of the world ahead. There would be a place for both of them. Andreas chooses to let the world
      discover the ark for itself when it is ready. In a scene above the ark's tomb, Frahl is finally killed.
      Elijah refuses the chance to survive his wounds, finally realizing that he will meet his family again
      on the other side of what comes next. Andreas is left alone to choose between his duty and his faith.
      Some time later, Andreas hands in his report to his superiors. His story is not believed and with no
      Gold discovered the leaders choose to bury the report from everyone.
      Andreas goes to say goodbye to Elijah at his grave. Planting flowers next to his tombstone, Andreas
      hides among them the final herb that survived from the ark. Leaving the fate of mankind into it's
      own hands, to prove itself worthy of one day finding out the truth for themselves.
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