Social issues - Completed 2020

A social experiment held within a quantum dimension goes wrong when six young adults are forced into a battle of the minds against an artificial intelligent moderator of mayhem.

    • Year of production
    • 2020
    • Genres
    • Social issues, Experimental, Science-fiction
    • Countries
    • USA
    • Synopsis
    • A group of six unsuspecting young Detroiters are invited to a silent-headphone party. They soon discover that the party was a way of luring them to a multiverse secret lab in order to participate in a unique social experiment. Within this social experiment, their minds are swapped amongst each other, thus resulting in a Machiavellian face-off between them. At the helm of this social experiment is an artificial intelligent ‘Moderator of Mayhem’, who is skilled in refereeing duels of diversity. Only time will tell how many of them will be able to withstand the pressure.