By Rahabi MANDRA


Romance - Post-Production 2017

    • Year of production
    • 2017
    • Genres
    • Romance, Drama
    • Countries
    • Languages
    • Duration
    • 99 mn
    • Director(s)
    • Rahabi MANDRA
    • Producer(s)
    • Darius SINATHRYA (Nightbus Pictures), Luna MAYA
    • Synopsis
    • Gili Air. Honeymoon.
      Jona is panicking. When he arrived in Gili Air, he ran to the inn because he just found out that the honeymoon tour was not appropriate
      the order. He deliberately ran away briefly from Lita, his wife, who was waiting at the dock. It is written in the schedule that they are
      stay only overnight in a honeymoon suite and will be moved to a small hostel on the following nights. This is not
      may be acceptable to his wife, Jona thought. Moreover, Jona's wife is a celebrity.
      The hotel said it was a Jona affair with the tour organizer. Jona contact the tour and demand an explanation. A
      The tour manager came, instead of helping, it made life difficult for Jona. Jona doesn't want to know the point honeymoon
      they must be saved.
      Lita experienced her glorious period. He was invited by Jona, a successful businessman, who without further ado immediately applied and determined
      wedding date. After getting married, Jona would immediately leave the honeymoon to Lita's chosen place, and spend it
      first night there. Lita said she always wanted to learn diving. Luckily Jona has Sam, a co-worker who can take care of the tour
      honeymoon and diving on Gili.

      So along the way Jona always tried to cover up the lack of tour services to make Lita happy. He knows
      celebrity standards are high. But he didn't know that Lita wasn't a real celebrity. Lita was "controlled" by her manager
      to marry Jona, to boost fame using husband's money. This dark agenda slowly revealed.
      But not only did Lita hide something. Jona isn't as successful as Lita thought. He borrows here and there for
      capitalize on marriage and honeymoon. He also tried to appear luxurious during the approach. Savings run out in flicker
      eye. Honeymoon services that do not meet the standards are also recently discovered later because of the lack of selected prices
      Jona. But nothing he regrets. He did this because he wanted to get Lita. So when Lita knows everything,
      dreams to become famous because the husband's help is lost. The manager loudly told him to immediately divorce.
      But Lita doesn't want to.
      Lita sees something more than Jona, more than money, more than fame, who wants to make it
      maintain a honeymoon, maintain a marriage.